Since some people may stumble upon my new blog, it would only be right for there to be an introduction to be made.

I am a 20 year old Fashion student currently residing in the largely misinterpreted state of New Jersey. I am the offspring of Nicaraguan and Syrian/Kurdish parents. I am a soft spot for cute little babies and cannot live without my laptop.

I don’t have a specific style but I am particularly fond of stripes, gold, studs, and collars (obsessed–honestly). I am a plus-sized gal struggling to love myself for who I am (So many clothes I would die to wear, but cannot). I am striving for a career in Fashion PR/Social Media. I am currently interning at a wonderful start-up company in New York City’s Garment District called Quincy.

I am surrounded by lovely people at my internship and my job (Sales Associate, of course!). I really do hope that my personality and love for clothing, beauty, and accessories comes through my writing and I really would love to take you all on my journey whether it be my blog posts, successes, failures, and other things!

Tomorrow is a new day, a new outfit. Maybe an OOTD! Till tomorrow everyone!



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