Work Now, Play Later!

As my luck would have it, I need to start reading my new textbook and take a quiz BEFORE my class even starts. I am in a highly good mood and might splurge today, I think I deserve it. I received my grades yesterday for the Fall 2012 semester and my GPA for the semester was a 3.6 (YAY!) which means I made the Dean’s list (Double yay!). I was very surprised that I did this well because of all the commitments I took on last semester. I had managed to finally get a part-time job, become Social Media Director of my school’s branch of Her Campus (check it out, ladies), land my first internship, and juggle school with (somewhat of) a social life.

I thought there might be some girls–or guys– interested in knowing what classes and assignments we get as a Fashion major. I do not go to FIT or a big city school despite living only 30 minutes away by bus. I go to a state university who happened to actually have a fashion major. I was ecstatic and I will give my recount on how I actually decided to become a fashion major.

I already took a Textiles class last semester. I was very excited–I always tend to be because I love to learn about new things. It was a horrid class, the teacher was a very sweet older woman who happened to be the head of the Fashion department but she was very dull in her lectures. Her tests were impossible if you did not read the book yourself and the labs were really a waste of time. I was pleased to see I had received a B+.

One of my classes next semester is Textile and Apparel Industry. I can’t say I am too excited about this class after skimming through the book but like always I keep an open mind when it comes to courses.

Today, I plan to read the chapter and take the quiz then I will go out with a good friend of mine, John for a little retail therapy. I might do a haul post if I do buy a lot or find something that’s of incredibly good value. Tell then, everyone!



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