Charming Charlie Haul

Like I promised, I said I would do a haul. I decided to treat myself (but not go crazy either!) I went to a new store they opened by my house called Charming Charlie. Let me tell you, I could not contain my excitement the second I stepped into the store. It was an accessory overload. There were so many colors and they were all color-coordinated. There were purses, scarves, shirts, sweaters, dresses, belts, necklaces, earrings, and oh so much more.

I swooped in faster than my poor friend John could blink. I literally went around the store a good 3 times to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I grabbed 6 things, but two of them were gifts for my cousin Sherine (Love you girl!)

I love their tagline: Peace, Love, & Accessorize

The first item I grabbed was a very sheer, cream and white colored scarf. I love scarves, they are a great way to accessorize without trying too hard.  I liked this because while I have many scarves this one felt silky and would allow me to wear bold colors and add this to tone it down.

Modern Geo Scarf, $15

I then grabbed 2 of the Light Pink stud set. I love little studs and these was all baby pink. There are 6 pairs of earrings The first stud is a pink diamond stud, the second is the same stud with a gold ornate rim, the third small pink pearls, the fourth a shiny pink jewel with a gold outer, the fifth is covered in little pink dots, and the last is pink dangling earrings. Simple and cute.

Vintage Dolls Earrings, $10

The next item I grabbed was one that caught my eye in a sea of gold. It was a braided gold bracelet. I really love bracelets, especially since now the whole trend is to layer and stack them. I really like it because it has a magnetic back and doesn’t have the usual lobster clasp, which I feel is a pain to put on yourself.

Gold Bracelet, $12.97
 The last two I purchased I thought was a steal. They are a green and “red” (it looks more of a plum to me) watch bracelet. I am a bit torn on which to keep for myself and which to give as the gift. Maybe you guys can help me! I originally bought the green one for myself but the plum looks amazing as well. They are perfect to stack, I layered it with 2 spike bracelets I was wearing and I knew I had to have it. They were actually half off the original price!
Green Watch, $9.99


Dark Red Watch, $9.99  That’s all!
I hope you all
Enjoyed my haul!
xoxoxo, Dylan

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