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I know I have not been writing but a lot has happened since my mother has been in the hospital. She is all better thankfully but I am now done with my internship.

Sadly, the company has to shut down due to some problems raising money and getting investors. It’s all in the life of a start-up company. I am now beginning my search again. I would love to get a break but I think it’s best I just keep myself very busy, it’s not like I go out much anyways.

I will write about my current obsession instead: Organization

Organize your Space

All of these items are from The Container Store. I have both the Brocade items. I absolutely love them, they bring dimension and femininity into my room. I have them both on my desk, I placed my favorite Vogue, Elle, and Glamour magazines into the file as well as placed all my pencils,markers and pens into the cup. I had bought two of these cups, the other I use to hold my makeup brushes.

I am planning on getting the acrylic organizer because I currently have a plastic one but it’s not as aesthetically pleasing to the eye as this and my makeup routinely gets the drawers stuck. I can also clearly see what makeup is where instead of guessing, I think that is a plus.

They were all relatively inexpensive and I cannot stop looking at almost every single item without wanting to gut my whole room and start fresh. Hopefully, we can move into a larger space, but for now organization is key.

I think I am starting off on the right foot this year with finally tidying up. I actually gave away some clothes that I have not worn in a long time, or at all. Now, what to do with all my shoes on my closet floor…

I babysat an adorable little boy and his mother paid me in makeup, I will review them as soon as I get the chance to use all of them.



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