How to Deal with Chapped Lips

The cold has yet to cease and our poor skin, hair, and lips are taking a pounding. We put on endless amounts of Chapstick but to no avail. What else could we do?

Lip Scrubs are a great item to invest in and add into your beauty and care routine. They rid your lips of dead skin cells and reveal and new layer. There are many great lip scrubs out there but our personal favorite is from Lush. They come in great flavors and are edible—bonus! Protect your new, smooth lips with a layer of your favorite lip balm or chapstick.

Start a new bedtime routine by smoothing on some lip balm before bed. A lot of times without realizing it we sleep with our mouths open, leaving our throats dry, imagine how your lips are when you wake up. You can protect them before hand. A great lip treatment to invest in is Sugar Lip Treatments. They glide on and Fresh has the scent of lemon and sugar—la la love!

Do Avoid licking your lips. Your saliva and the cold dry out your lips even more. We know how difficult this can be but try to stop the habit to have healthy, chap-free lips.

Favorite Lip Treatments

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