Beau Review: Lancome’s Rouge In Love

Lipsticks and I have a complicated relationship; I hate them one day and love them the next. I was never the type of girl to smear on some red lipstick and strut right on out of my door. On the contrary, I would be the girl who barely went out without any makeup, just a swipe of eyeliner would do. Well, let me tell you, I am no longer a lipstick virgin.

The lucky one? Lancome’s Rouge In Love. Now, all my friends know I have a massive girl crush on Emma Watson due to Harry Potter. When I heard she was the new ambassadress for Lancome I knew I had to try it.

I confidently stomped right into Nordstrom and asked for the best red for my skin. It didn’t go so well; my mom ended up telling me looked like I some cheap hooker; that was a blast to my ego. I decided to go with something not as vivacious.

My pick was Fiery Attitude (319N). The color is spot on with the description, a deep berry wine. It’s smooth and creamy but after a while I find my lips dry. I already suffer from extremely dry everything, you name it: lips, hair, skin..its difficult. I found it to be less so when added a bit of lip gloss to it (clear or a rose pink).

I loved it so much I decided to buy another shade, this time, a bit more playful. I snagged Midnight Rose (377N). Both of these are for nights out which is exactly what I use it for. I find that you need to prepare your face: primer, concealer, foundation, mascara, lip scrub, lip balm, etc. You need to make sure your face is the perfect canvas as well as your lips. If your lips are dried and cracked you will most definitely see it, especially with these colors.

‘Rouge In Love’ Midnight Rose & Fiery Attitude

Pros: Creamy formula, Pigmented hues, Long-lasting
Cons: Drying

These will be a staple in any ladies’ beauty collection, you just need to find which one is for you. I wholeheartedly recommend it!

My cousin & I (I’m wearing Fiery Attitude)

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