The Seach Continues On

Summer internships are enough to give me a heart attack. Ladies, if you are looking for a summer internship in New York City, make sure you sharpen your claws because it is brutal.

I love Social media as much as the next girl but when I open my Facebook I feel an overwhelming wave of dread sweep over me. “I got the internship!” “I got a paid internship!” “I got the interview woooooo” It’s heart-wrenching and it makes me want to pull my hair.

Is it me? Is my experience not enough? Am I not engaging? I would hope I was as interesting on paper as I am in real life. I’m funny, hard-working and damn it I am awesome!

I know it’s only February, but trust me the early bird gets the worm. I only want experience and even that is proving to become a challenge. You only have 4 years to land these internships, as most of them are only targeted to college students. It’s a time crunch, it’s a rush, I think it’s too much adventure for me!

I’ve applied to a good 10+ and I’ve only gotten 2 in response. I’m holding out for the best of the best but beggers can’t be choosers.

I need a latte. Stat.

 But Positivity is key; so I will take it in stride.


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