Being In Love Truly is Dissapointing

Today was a good day. I woke up bright and early, dressed up nicely and took a bus into NYC. The weather was gorgeous; the sun was shining, it was in the high 40s, and I had Shake Shack! What could be better?!

My Prabal Gurung x Target purchases were coming today, that was what! I love ordering things online because when it arrives in the mail it is like Christmas! I know what I got..but I can’t wait to actually try it on, it feels amazing.

I ripped the bags open with a rapid speed, not knowing which bag contained which item as I ordered each separately. The first bag contained the Neon Yellow Lace Skirt and First Date printed Blouse. When I first touched the material I was surprised; it was silkier than I thought it would be. It is smooth and flowy.

Excuse the wrinkles

I slipped it on and alas, the sizing was off. It’s arm holes are large and kind of stick out in the back while I am not HUGE chested (38 C) but it gaped at the chest. I will have to sew it shut or add a special hidden button. I will definitely use it and put it to good use.

The skirt was way off sized. It was a 16–as I am usually a 14. It was super tight at the waist and I struggled to put in the clasp, I had to put it a little higher up on my waist for it to fit, snug but it fit. I suppose this will be a good motivator for me to loose an inch or two. I think that Shake Shack was a bad idea!

It looks better on, trust me!

The floral fit and flare dress was a win! I was afraid it would be too big but it fit like a glove. I am in love with it and have nothing bad to say about it! I love the white panels at the waist and the hot pink zipper, it will be a great spring staple!

The black and First Date printed dress was a fail. It was the one I was most looking forward but the sleeves were unbelievably tight,so tight that I could not close the dress fully. So sadly, I have to return it. It felt as if it were a size too small and the material had no give in the arms.

No give so I won’t take.

This is my favorite of all: The wedges. Shoes fit you no matter what size you are and I love it. That is probably why the shoes in the collection sold out the fastest. Everyone was complaining that they were a size too big; but for me they were a perfect 9. They were well-made, cute, and had a zipper in the back which left me very happy. The strap is adjustable and it has a colorblocked wedge. Keeper, I think so.

Here are my grades for the collection out of a 5, 5 being the highest.

Style: 5
Fit: 2
Quality: 4
Overall: 3

While I loved the collection and many of the pieces, the fit of it was all wrong. What is the point of having such a great collection if the fit doesn’t work? I’m keeping many of the items but I will be returning one or two. I think the best items were the wedges in all honestly. If you managed to snag them, consider yourself lucky!


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