Jewels- DIY Accessories!

Jewelry and accessories excite me to no end.  They can make any outfit pop or completely change the vibe.  As a fashion major, one of the requirements is to do a studio art class.  They are drawing, painting,ceramics, photography, etc.  I decided I am going to take a jewelry-making class.  I’ve never been the artistic one and it usually makes me nervous to dive into something completely foreign.

I tried to register for it but it filled up so I am going to have to take it in the spring semester.  I decided I would practice so I went to the local Micheal’s and purchased a jewelry kit and a set of tools.  I’m having a blast, let me tell you! It’s not as easy as it looks; all the pieces are really teeny tiny and it takes a lot of patience and hunching over.

I’ve completed the earrings but moved on to the more difficult necklaces.



The tiny beads will make the chain to go around the neck. Very labor intensive!

If you like the beads and the earrings then here is the set you should purchase. It was $16 and has an instruction booklet. I think it’s great for beginners and after I start understanding everything I hope I can purchase beads and wires and make my own jewelry! But for now I feel proud looking at my completed earrings!

What do you do for fun? Do you make jewelry?I would love to hear about it!

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  1. Great job! I’m learning myself so I’ll check out the booklet!

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