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photo(36)Hello my Spice Girls (Guys!), It’s been a hectic semester. It never seems to end as I am now doing my internship in New York City. I absolutely love it. The downside is getting home to New Jersey, the bus route is an hour and a half and the buses are unreliable.  I am interning at Mastoloni Pearls as their PR/Marketing Intern.  Everyone is the sweetest and I can’t complain about the location.  It’s right by 5th Avenue! Plus, it’s where all the businessmen are…so I do some sight seeing on my breaks (;D).

It’s was unbearably humid today and being self conscious about my arms led me to literally sweat it out into my blazer.  The good/bad thing is that I have to dress professional. Good because I love to dress up, bad because it’s difficult for a plus size girl like myself to find anything that is flattering and youthful that is dressy enough to wear.  It’s very difficult to find some great dresses as well. I will just have to keep my eyes peeled for the perfect pieces for my closet.

The city in the summer is wonderful. The sun is shining, the city is buzzing, and there is always some Fro-yo around the corner, Yum! If you ever have the opportunity to go to the city or intern in New York, do it! You will really get the feel for the culture and honestly, I just love looking at everyone’s outfits.  Not one is the same!

Today, however, was exhausting. I got locked out of my house and had to go to my fathers place of employment to get his key and take the bus back.  What I found waiting for me at home was exciting, my first month of Ipsy! I am thrilled with what I recieved and will make it my duty to give you some reviews and photos of what I got!

2 Thoughts on “New York State of Mind

  1. wow sounds like you had an interesting day! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve locked myself out of my house or care, it can be a real pain! Great post though, and I’d be really interested in hearing about your first month of Ipsy. I just made a post about this months birchbox, if you’re interested.

    • It totally is! I will most likely have it up before Sunday afternoon! Really great stuff, I might even cancel my BirchBox, I’m giving it another month. I will check out your post right now! I love reading what others have to say.

      Have a great day and thanks for the comment! <3

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