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Ciate Nails

When I made my way into Sephora, I had no intention on buying anything. I was simply accompanying my best friend Susan and an old friend of mine, Amanda.  I sprinted to the nail polish section and immediately began testing some of the different colors.  I gasped in delight when my eyes fell upon this set.  I loved the thought of Chalkboard Nails, something that would be customizable and unique.

Well, like most of Ciate’s products, it’s a great idea but the execution is terrible.


I followed the directions on the box.  I always tend to have a problem with black polish, they are thick and are often very messy, this polish was no different.  After putting the two coats, I cleaned up the edges with some Q-tips. I pressed the pens to some paper to get the polish out.  The minute I pressed the pen to my nail, I knew it was going to be a problem.  The tip was thick and didn’t leave me much choice but to make some polka dots as I have small nails.


It was even more of a problem when I had to switch to using my left hand.  It’s a pen, if you are not talented enough to know how to write with both hands, then it will be difficult to even hold it.  It looked like I had let my 2 year old cousin scribble on my nails.  It was not cute.  I sucked it up and put on the top coat.

I spent the rest of the day walking about and going to the movies.  Not even 30 minutes later, one of my nails had chipped a little. I was upset but didn’t think much of it.  An hour passed and my thumb nail had chipped off half way, literally half of the polish had come off.

The next day, I was left with only one pinky nail in tact.  I was horrified at the fact that I had spent money on it and wasted my time doing it.  I returned it immediately.  I would not recommend this to anyone.  If you want the same effect, get a better black matte nail polish and those nail polishes with the small detailed brush, you will be much happier that way.

Sorry Ciate, I can’t say I will be giving you another try. I still cringe looking at these photos.

Have a good night, my Spice Girls (Guys!)


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