Too Faced x Sephora VIB Event

Sephora event

Disclaimer: I am in no way sponsoring Sephora, Too Faced, Godiva, or Baublebar. I am simply recounting the event for your enjoyment.

Hello Spice Girls & Guys! It’s been a busy and hectic week for me as I’ve been interning, running around the city in 97+ degree weather and planning outfits for events left and right.  I received an email from Sephora as all VIBs (Very Important Beauty Insiders) do and it was for an event happening on July 18th.  I rushed to the phone and reserved my spot for my cousin and I.

The weather yesterday was brutal with real feel temperatures of 100+. So needless to say, I am looking less than cute with sweat pouring down my face and my chunky arms out for the world to see.  It’s ok though, I survived.

My day started off crazy as I rushed to get ready and ran out of my house with no makeup on as they promised FULL makeovers.  I was stuck in traffic for an hour and a half thanks to rush hour.  The event started at 7pm and we got there at 7:20pm with the event in full swing.

We were greeted at the door with a $10 off coupon for Baublebar and a raffle ticket.  My cousin and I made a beeline for the drinks.  They were making Godiva chocolate cocktails.  I took a sip and it was way too strong for my taste.  We grabbed some chocolate truffles and looked at all the jewelry.  It’s nothing I haven’t seen before as  I frequent Baublebar’s site regularly. We got on line for the makeover.  It was a disappointment.  The male makeup artist would just keep talking about how the mascara was shaped according to Marilyn Monroe’s body porportions, an hourglass, to me it just looked like a regular brush.  It worked well but I have a whole bunch of mascara to get through now.  All he did was swipe it on and send us on our way.  He had an eyeshadow palette on the table and did not even bother to add eyeshadow for either of us.  After me, he simply walked away from the table.

The space was packed with girls, it was hot so we tried to do everything fast. We did not win the raffle, surprise.  We went to the photobooth and it was a fail.  It would just snap a picture when we weren’t ready so all 3 are less than flattering.  I love Baublebar but a lot of the pieces were pretty pricey. I like to splurge once in a while but yesterday was not the day.  I did get a necklace though that  I had been eyeing.  It was $34 and with the $10 off it was around $26 with tax. Not bad!  The best part of the whole event? Leaving and getting our goodie bags.

I had been so excited about the event, I think I hyped it up too much.  It was a great experience and who doesn’t love free stuff? It wasn’t exactly free soo..who doesn’t love stuff?  I was expecting more.  There were too many people, it was too hot, and the makeovers weren’t makeovers. If i wanted to swipe on mascara, I could’ve done it at home.  But I enjoyed just looking around.  All in all, it was just ok. Nothing  crazy, but it wasn’t dead boring either. It ended at 9 and I believe we left at 8.

Here are pictures from the event!







Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 1.51.43 PMScreen Shot 2013-07-19 at 1.51.22 PMScreen Shot 2013-07-19 at 1.51.05 PM





Now here are the goodies I got. The BaubleBar bag is what I bought and the rest was free in the Sephora swag bag.


I got this huge box. I got really excited..then..

I got this huge box. I got really excited..then..

image(8)This box had like 5 was huge…What a waste of paper.










Got a free bracelet from BaubleBar


How I layered it with my own jewelry





This is what I purchased from Baublebar:

image(16)image(17)If you want the same necklace it’s called the Coral Jellyfish Bib. So cute.  Those are all the photos! I hope you enjoyed it! I will be doing a post next week about my July Ipsy so keep an eye out!

Have a great weekend!



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