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Hello everyone!  This past week and prior week is a little busy but I’ve decided to relax a little and finally get to that Ipsy review! Here it is! Enjoy.

photo(17)I love the hot pink tube bag we got this month.  It’s a refreshing change from the other bags and the fact that it is clear makes it a lot easier to find your items or see what you’ve packed.  I’m planning to use this as a pencil case when fall semester comes around.

image(34)Nailtini Nail Polish in ‘Mai Tai’: I was thrilled to get this full size nail polish in my Ipsy bag.  I’ve added it to my ever expanding collection.  It is a reddish-orange color which I find goes great with tan or medium skin.  So if you have a great summer tan, this color will definitely pop out! Here is how it looks on my nail, sorry if it’s not so great, the nail polish has been on for a week already so my nail had grown a bit.



Pop Beauty Pouty Pop Crayon in Coral Crush: I was ECSTATIC to find this particular hue in my Ipsy bag.  I am obsessed with anything coral and I found this color also looked great with my skin tone (2 points for Ipsy!)

image(41)It went onto my skin smoothly and didn’t tug, which means it will be easy to apply onto your lips.  The color also stayed on my hand for quite a while.  I would try to avoid wearing it in the summer though because the day the package had been dropped off, all my contents were boiling hot.  The crayon was very soft and I feared it would just make a big mess.  A plus is the turning mechanism at the bottom, which is just like lipstick’s.  It allows you to use the most of your item.

image(38)photo(20)California Collection by BH Cosmetics in Hollywood, San Fransisco & Malibu: I love eyeshadows but I find I barely wear them because I don’t know how to put it on correctly (hence why I am going to start taking makeup courses).  I do swipe it on but I want to make a statement if I wear it and I always find that the color is dull,even with primer.  I think it’s because I have a light hand when I apply it.  I loved Hollywood but San Fransisco and Malibu didn’t excite me much.  I do see them being part of a summer collection as it goes with all the tan skin this season brings.


Malibu, San Francisco, & Hollywood (in that order)

image(39)Coola Unscented Mineral Sunscreen: Ah! I was so excited to see I received a Coola product as I had fallen in love with it thanks to Birchbox.  I was sad I didn’t receive a cucumber scented one but I am always up for trying new things (obviously).  I have yet to try this one but I am just loving the simple colors on the bottle.  The best part? It’s organic? Time for me to get it in full-size! I am sold!

photo(21)Big Sexy Hair Weather Proof: I’ve used countless items from Big Sexy Hair so I am well aware of this brand.  I like this brand but I have not been able to try this particular product.  It came just in the nick of time as we were having a massive heat wave for the past week and a half.  I sprayed this one and left my house to intern in the city.  Running through the city with the massive heat, humidity, and sweat..this product didn’t work. My hair was frizzled and frumpy BUT I would like to think that it helped contain the beast and that it DID work and that it did the best it could.  I will be giving this another go when I have to go to a few events.

Have you received your Ipsy Glam Bag? What do you think of this months bag? What was your favorite item? I would love to hear from you!



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  1. This looks like a great bag! I don’t have Ipsy, but the more bags I see the more I think of getting one for myself!

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