A Little Party Killed Nobody



I was never the type to really go out and party.  I was also the type of person who would stay in on a Saturday night, turn on the tv or curl up on my bed with a good book.  Now that I am growing older I find that I want to go out a little more, I want to grasp and cling onto any opportunity.

A couple of weeks ago I received an email from a man I had interviewed with for an internship position (which I accepted and then declined).  They were inviting me to a “Great Gatsby” theme event that would showcase the jewelry of emerging jewelry designers while making their guests rock the roaring 20s look.  I, of course, accepting excitedly.  It was free and I was allowed to bring a guest along.  I brought along my best friend, Susan, as I know she loves dressing in past fashion.  I think it’s her hobby, really.

We had only a week to prepare and tried to find anything we could that would be 20s.  Whoever was best dressed would go home with a prize and it promised a fashion show.  I scrambled to find an outfit that would flatter my body as much of the fashion would fit those with boyish bodies better.

I found 2 amazing dresses from ASOS but I ultimately had to choose one to wear that day while the other would be kept safe in my closet for whenever I may have places to go.  In addition to the dresses, I managed to find a pearl headband, pearl earrings, pearl necklace, black 20s shoes, and a clutch!

Before the party

Before the party


I absolutely love this blue ASOS dress! It has an embellished top that skims over my problem areas, making it very flattering.  Susan wore an adorable, fitted nude pink dress and nearly all her accessories were pink or nude!

The moment we stepped outside, we felt all eyes on us.  I am the type of person who loves to take risks with outfits but I’ve fallen back and just enjoy wearing simple things.  I felt a bit uncomfortable as I do not like being the center of attention.  A man who had been walking up the hill by my house walked past us and looked back.  He must’ve been in his mid to late 30 (40s?). I’m terrible at telling age but he instantly said. “WOAH! I LOVE your headbands, very cute, very cool.”he told us as he nodded appreciatively.  I smiled and thanked him.  He then proceeded to ask as we walked if we “Dressed like that everyday.” I had laughed and told him we were going to a 20s party. He seemed pretty excited about our outfits so I thanked him and we kept walking.

We got on a bus, got off, and went to walk to the other bus stop that would take us to New York.  I live in a very diverse county of New Jersey.  We have all types of nationalities but in this particular town, it’s predominantly Central Americans, which is awesome, since I am also half.  I just could feel ALL their eyes all over me.  They were probably thinking what the hell!?  The moment we got off the first bus we got catcalls and whistles.  Do. not. like.  I’m not a cat nor a dog.  Don’t whistle, if you like what you see just tell me politely.  I am not dressing for you and I don’t appreciate it.

We practically made a run for the other bus stop and got on.  The traffic to NYC was brutal like it always is around rush hour.  The party was at 6 and we got there at 7.  I feel, dressed like this, we got a lot more help then we usually would if we were just dressed normally.  I was standing in the middle of the Meatpacking District.  If you’ve never been there, the streets are all mixed up.  I was staring at my phone blankly until a nice older gentleman helped us get to the street we needed too.  Party here we come!

We arrived fashionably late and I was greeted by the man who had interviewed and invited me.  We were let in and were allowed to roam the small and cozy store.


A beautiful little garden…inside/inbetween the store.





Dress: ASOS; Shoes: TJ Maxx ; Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff from TJ Maxx, Headband: Charming Charlie; Necklace: Charming Charlie

The dress was a steal at $33 from its original $110! So for all the plus-sized ladies, this is your chance!


Beautiful jewelry on display






We left a good 15-20 minutes later.  It was too packed, our feet already hurt, and honestly I had a feeling it was just a shopping event.  We made our way to the subway, stumbling on the cobblestones.  We both stood as no one offered seats, chivalry is dead, and made plans to scarf down some Shake Shack.  A man in maybe his 50s brushed past me from behind and all I heard in my ear was “beautiful”. I began to crack up.  It didn’t really creep me out, I took it as a compliment.  It felt nice to be complimented anyways, thanks random guy in the subway. You made my night.

We limped down 42nd with our treasure trove of food and ran to catch our bus.  It was packed so we sat across from each other.  Two women sat beside us as we began to timidly eat our fries.  Susan had been complaining of a headache so she lifted her headband.  It had literally engraved the design into her skin, I could hardly contain my laughter.  The woman beside me could only utter. “OH. MY. GOD.” and laugh.  Susan was a trooper and kept it on until we reached my house.

The event was a fail but the night was pretty good.  I had my best friend beside me, a cute outfit, and some kick-ass food.  Thank you Shake Shack.  I only wish we could dress like this everyday!

4 Thoughts on “A Little Party Killed Nobody

  1. Dylan,
    Oh gosh I hate when men whistle at you, I mean yes it’s nice to be appreciated but there are better ways to do that! I remember once I was coming back from a concert and this guy and his friend pulled up next to me in my car and then proceeded to try and get me to follow him so I go with him to a party or something. It was so awkward though because I said no and he kept at it until the light turned green and we had to go our separate ways. But anyways both you and your friend look so beautiful (I love a bit of ASOS myself). And it sounds like you made the most out of not so fantastic night!

  2. Ain’t that the truth! I tend to be a homebody too, but you have to go out and live a little! And plus you never know who you’ll meet at these events! Looks like you all had a blast:)! P.S. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

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