Fall-ing for Stripes

Falling for Stripes

It never ceases to amaze me to see stripes nearly every season.  I am a sucker for stripes.  Every time I walk into a store, I find myself gravitating towards a mound of striped shirts.  I am a moth to a light bulb.  They go with pretty much anything and they really are what I consider, a basic.

Stripes + Emerald

You can dress them up or down, you can layer, and you add prints or great pops of color to really make your outfit.

Stripes with an edge
What is your favorite way to wear stripes? I personally like to go a variety of ways.  It’s so versatile, that you can easily do the 30×30 challenge (in which you only wear 30 items for 30 days) and make dozens of outfits.
Striped Dress with Denim

Do you plan on wearing stripes for fall? How do you plan to spice it up?

Stripes+ Red


You can bet I will be wearing lots of striped sweaters and shirts! I have also seen a recent spike in denim jackets as well so they will be great to pair with your outfits.  I just can’t wait for fall to arrive!  This is definitely an item to add to your back to school lists.

4 Thoughts on “Fall-ing for Stripes

  1. Great post and nice collection.

  2. Dylan,
    Usually if I’m wearing stripes, I only wear them on my scarves or on tops. By the way did you use Polyvore to create these little showcases? They look awesome!

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