Back to School, Back to Planning


*Quick Note: I have not been sponsored or paid for this post.  I am simply reviewing and introducing a product I really enjoyed.
With September fast approaching, I saw it fit that I got a new planner.  Being part of the Her Campus Blogger Network exposed me to some great products.  I was introduced to Erin Condren.  I was immediately smitten.  All her products are colorful and can be personalized to any extent, depending on how much you are willing to shell out.

I purchased the Erin Condren Life Planner.  The moment I got it I knew that I was going to have a blast using it.  I am kind of excited for school to start already!  I figured I can take all you Spices with me on the ride!


Look at the adorable boxes!

I had arrived from a particularly rigorous workout and dragged myself up the stairs to see these two lovely, beautiful boxes on my table.  I was only expecting one but I figured one box held the planner and the other the accessories I had ordered.



They put such thought into their product and I love the perfectly wrapped paper and sticker.


The really did a great job wrapping it. Even though it’s just a planner, they used the best wrapping materials to make sure that it arrived in tact.

image(74)When I opened the two boxes, I found that they had sent me two orders and charged me only once.  I contacted the Erin Condren Team to alert them of their error.  They responded quickly and told me that they would not make me send it back and to think of it as a buy one, take one deal and to enjoy them.  I thought that was really sweet of them but what was I going to do with two planners?  I put a cute strip of washi tape over my name and gave it to my cousin who is heading off to Buffalo to study to be a doctor.  I know she will get good use of it!


photo(36)I really loved how she not only sent a welcome letter with a $10 off code, but I also received this $10 off card as well.

image(75)I ordered a pen holder so if I ever lose all my pens, somehow, I know I have one attached to my planner.  This was just my shopaholic self talking myself into something.

And the main attraction…my planner!

image(76)My planner is the Candy Lace design with a custom colorway.  The lace is Light Grey while the dots are Pool.  You can customize the first and second line.  The first line is my name and I added one of my favorite quotes on the front.  “A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor” It is laminated so it keeps it protected from spills and bending under the weight of all those textbooks in your bag.  It’s made to be durable.


One of the first pages you open to


A double-sided folder and the ruler that comes with the planner



photo(37)Every month has a different color page and tab which makes it easier to find.  The planner also has a little pouch of sturdy plastic to hold some of your items.  It comes with stickers that say birthday, mani/pedi, etc as well as a variety of blank stickers so that you can stick it in one of these little cubes and write on it.  I decided to take the initiative from other people and use Washi tape to personalize my planner. I will do a separate post on all the accessories I got for the planner soon.

The price is a little steep for $50 which goes up steadily if you get some of the accessories.  I got the pens, the elastic bands (Not sent yet), and the pen holder.  I think it is a great investment as planners help you succeed.  It’s something all girls and guys need to keep organized.

You can get your own planner here.


I am proud to say that this is my 100th post! I am planning a giveaway with a fellow blogger so keep your eyes peeled as many of the items are beauty related! Thank you for reading. It’s much appreciated.

Dylan A.K.A Sartorial Spice

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  1. I would totally get something like this, but as the semester goes on I’m just horrible to my planner, and I hardly every use by the end of the semester. But this one really is beautifully made and so cute!

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