Back to School Fashion Series: Part 3: Scarves

Back to School Scarves
Hello Spices! I’m sorry for the long delay as I am currently mentally trying to get ready for university.  Textbooks are just so darn expensive! This is part 3 out of 4.  I know many might be back in school already but for the east coast, we still have a good week left.  We are onto scarves!

I used to hate scarves.  I thought they were like a boa constrictor around my neck, choking and making me very uncomfortable.  After years of scoffing at scarves, I decided to slip one on with my spring outfit and I’ve been obsessed ever since.  They are the perfect accessory.  They come in different lengths, prints, fabrics, and styles.  There are low budget scarves and then there are scarves that are quite luxurious.
I won’t be styling sets in this part because I feel like anyone can pull off styling a scarf and honestly there are so many different ways that I can do no justice with a product set! Here are some great scarves I have found!

Scarves from Nordstrom

My favorite scarf will have to be the one from Lucky Brand. The Rust Orange color is perfect for autumn. It will offer warmth to any outfit and will really get you into the fall spirit.  Florals can also be incorporated and be offset by some leather or dark hues as this season offers more warmth than light.



If you usually stay away from prints, I find the best way to incorporate some into your outfit is by using a scarf.  I love polka dots or florals on scarves.  If you are growing tired of the standard loop, this is a video I found last year by Nordstrom, I find it extremely helpful!

There is also this new one that I love. It makes me want to buy a million scarves!

Do you regularly wear scarves?How do you like to switch it up? Thanks for reading!


2 Thoughts on “Back to School Fashion Series: Part 3: Scarves

  1. Dylan
    I really try to love scarves and I do own a few, but I can never seem to find an outfit that I think looks good with one!

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