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Hello Spices! Sorry I have been a bit MIA, the new school year is back in session and I am still trying to get used to having to wake up at a relatively normal time.  Getting into the swing of things, I noticed that my wallet has gotten substantially smaller since the beginning of summer.  It was high time I got into the groove of finding some deals whether it was specials, clearance racks, coupons, or promos.  I just needed anything that would help me save a nickel or a dime.  This is where StudentRate comes in.

StudentRate is a great website that allows students to really get the best perks in life.  Savings.  Many stores offer student discounts, such as J. Crew or C. Wonder but sometimes I don’t feel as fulfilled by the lack of stores supporting students.  Many stores cater to our age range (if you are the typical student, you go older students!) and we can do nothing but idly sit at our computers or on our couches dreaming of that Givenchy lipstick we saw some other student rocking.

Studentrate offers students cash back. Yes, money BACK in your pocket for purchasing. WOOHOO!  My favorite deal? The 10% cash back from Sephora.  I am a beauty junkie and I have already reached VIB status, which only means I spent WAY more than I would have liked on makeup.  You can take advantage of this deal and sign up.  All you have to do is put in your email, make a password, and choose your university or college from a list.  It’s that easy.  They will then put the money in your studentrate account and you’ll be smiling from ear to ear.  What can be better?

Sephora is not the only store that StudentRate has on their site.  There is also some great deals on gym wear and textbooks!  Here is the link to the Sephora deal.

So go ahead, splurge on that pair of jeans, your wallet will get a little bit back in return to make it hurt a little less.

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