Tadashi Shoji Spring 2014

Tadashi Shoji

Hello Spices!

New York Fashion Week kicked off last week and I have been watching the multitude of designs strut down the runway with bated breath.  There are plenty of designers that have caught my eye and my heart, but the one who stole it was Tadashi Shoji.  He was by far the most different from the others.  I absolutely loved the surprise plaid in his designs.  Plaid? In the spring? Unheard of.

The designs and silhouettes made my heart skip several beats.  He softened the plaid pattern with sheer fabric and incorporated some beautiful lace to them.  The colors were soft and everything was just so flowy and free, that I was happy that I didn’t see the usual print heavy ensembles.  I love prints as much as the next girl but sometimes it’s nice to just have something simple and gorgeous.


Courtesy of Pinterest

This seafoam green dress stole my breath away with it’s sheer outer layer of fabric and the color that lay underneath.  My favorite part of the whole ensemble? The barely there makeup.  It just makes the whole look look refreshing!  He kept with the usual florals but entwined it in the bodice of the dress which looked a lot like lace.  Adore.

Courtesy of Pinterest

Courtesy of Pinterest

This dress is on the whole other end of the spectrum.  The scalloped design on the dress is really what caught my eye.  At first when you look at the top portion, you think of a really great fitted dress but then it bellows out on the bottom in a sheer layer that is then finished off with a lace hem.  I don’t know where you would wear this other than the red carpet but I think the top part of the dress really has potential of just being a really great dress for the general public.

Courtesy of Pinterest

Courtesy of Pinterest

Again, I can’t get over this beautiful color.  My favorite part about this dress is the top draped over it, again in a sheer plaid. It’s just so unexpected and I think it will be GORGEOUS for spring.  The best thing about the plaid is the slight colorblocking applied to it with the lilac stripe that runs horizontally and vertically.


Courtesy of Pinterest

Courtesy of Pinterest

This dress definitely looks more like a fall dress.  The black lace and plaid seems more fitting for fall but I can’t help but dig it.  Why not have a little bit of black in a time where everyone gravitates towards bright colors?  It’s a nice change from the usual.

What did you think about Tadashi Shoji’s clothing? Do you dig it or hate it?  What has been your favorite NYFW show and why?  There’s so many for me I can’t even choose anymore!


One Thought on “Tadashi Shoji Spring 2014

  1. My absolute favorite would have to be the black dress. Like I can’t even. It is just so beautiful and elegant!

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