Back to School Fashion Series: Part 4: Jackets

Back to School Jackets

Hello Spices, I apologize in the lack of fashion posts.  All these classes are really kicking my butt already and I’ve had quite a bit of writers’ block. Not good.  I am back and I am really happy to say that this is the conclusion to the Back to School Fashion Series.  You can check back at the other 3 posts at the top of my blog.  The last in my series? Jackets!

I love a good jacket.  They can really transform a simple outfit to something that is amazing layered and chic.  You can take a studded jacket and layer it over a black shirt and it changes the mood and look of your look.  Here are some great jackets at great prices.  Enjoy!


Free People, Pieced Twill Jacket,$168 ; Gap, Cropped Plaid Jacket, $118; Madewell, Utility Jacket, $158


Jacket Set 1


Jacket Set 2


Jacket Set 3

Free People’s Jacket has two different fabrics.  I love mixed media jackets as they give the jacket a different look and you can really pair it with a lot.  It is unique but it simple enough that you can just throw on with any ol’ tee shirt.  It vaguely reminds me of jackets that have leather sleeves. Obsessed.  It’s also not trendy enough that you can get plenty of uses out of it.

The Utility Jacket is something that you definitely use every fall.  I’ve been searching for a good one and if they had this one in my size, I would snatch it up in a heartbeat.  The olive green is something you see every fall and it is light enough to wear on mild days and something you can layer over a sweater for those cooler days.

Plaid.  Oh, how I love it.  This cropped plaid jacket takes it a step further with it’s moto zipper.  Plaid is considered a classic but when you add a zipper to zip up sideways, it really knocks it up in the coolness factor.  The color is very fall-like and while you can’t pair it with too many crazy colors, if you are bold enough, you certainly can.  It is also made of mostly wool, so you know you can use this until the weather gets too cold.


Jacket Set 4

 American Eagle, Quilted Varsity Jacket, $53 ; American Eagle, Faded Denim Jacket, $38; Liz Claiborne, Tweed Jacket, $42

Jacket Set 5


Jacket Set 6


Jacket Set 6

Varsity Jackets are all the rage this fall.  I’ve seen many people snatching them up from the racks but I like this one because it is different.  It doesn’t really look like a varsity jacket, it is refined and has a great bold but neutral print as long with it’s quilted look.  You can pair this with a dress if you just want to get warm or put it over any outfit.

Denim Jackets are great for summer, spring, and fall.  They come in different washes and even embellishments.  They are a basic that should be in any ladies closet.  I am not one for the double denim look so I wouldn’t pair it with jeans but instead a red denim or colored/ textured denim

This tweed jacket emulates chic and dressy.  I made this outfit a lot more dressy.  I could see this outfit being perfect for job interviews and you can throw it on for a girls’ night out or a shopping day.  The possibilities are endless!

I hope you all enjoyed the finale to my Back to School Fashion series and it has helped you find just what you needed.  Comment below about your favorite fall item and why.


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  1. Loved this post and how you used al different kinds of jackets for every persons style. I personally don’t have many jackets because I live in California and you really only need a sweater most of the time, unless it’s raining!

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