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College can be quite a doozy.  You barely have time to sleep, let alone eat or socialize.  I can vouch for most collegiettes when I say it can get quite tiring and you don’t even have time to go to the supermarket.  CO-ED Supply came to my rescue.

I have 2 days a week in which I am on campus from 8:30am-8:30pm.  I’m a commuter so I need to pack my own snacks or lunch but it can be quite difficult finding a healthy and filling snack in the snack aisles in your typical supermarket.  It is usually full of chips or granola bars hidden with tons of sugar and extra preservatives.

When I received this big orange box on my porch, I was very excited. I rushed upstairs and opened it and I was VERY surprised with what I saw.  It was full! I was not expecting so many items.  Upon further research, I had been sent the Deluxe Package which is $29 a month.  The Classic box, which is a bit smaller, is $16.50, if the other price tag is a bit too steep for your ailing wallet.

Here is what I received:

image(121)As you can see, I got a LOT of great things and thing that I did not know existed.  I love trying new things so this box was a perfect fit for me.

image(117)Bare Fruit Fuji Apple Chips: I love fruit but I am not necessarily fond of them in chip form.  I had a bad experience with another brand of apple chips but I decided to give this a try.  It was not my cup of tea, it tasted like what it is but the texture and the fact it was in chip form threw me off.  I couldn’t eat more than one but I would recommend getting this if you love anything in chip form.

image(115)PopCorners White Cheddar: YUM. I love White Cheddar Popcorn and this was just as good.  The best part? It’s Gluten Free for those who cannot have gluten.  It’s a snack I would have again.

image(114)Co-Ed Supply Water Bottle: It’s as if they knew me.  I am going to the gym much more now so this water bottle will be used a lot.  The orange is perfect for Halloween, haha.

image(113)Raspberry Fig Bar: I cringed when I saw this and pulled a total of three out of my box.  I took it to school on a long day and took a bite. I wish my box had been full of these.  This is by far the best fig bar I’ve had,ever. Sorry Fig Newtons, you don’t come up to par.  It’s made of whole wheat and the raspberry is the perfect flavor. I am already all out a day after I got the box, darn.

image(112)Who doesn’t like stickers?

image(110)Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Tortilla Chips: When I pulled this out of the box, I was really happy. I’ve had this brand and these chips before. They are salty, sweet, and nutty all at the same time.  They fulfill your chip craving and you don’t feel that bad after you eat it since it’s chock full of great ingredients.

image(108)Beef Perky Jerky and Turkey Perky Jerky: I love Slim Jim’s though I try to avoid them since they are not really the best thing for your body so I was a bit on the fence of trying these.  I’ve never seen or heard of this brand or Guarana which I was assuming is a fruit of some sort.  They both have a sweet taste while distinctively tasting like what they say they are.  It wasn’t my favorite but it was a great thing to test out.

image(111)Hello Superint Breath Spray: I love having minty fresh breath and I found this to be a great item to be included in a college box.  I was a bit afraid that it would be too strong but I gave it a go,spraying it into my mouth.  It tasted just like toothpaste. It wasn’t too strong but you have to spray a few times in your mouth so you can really feel like you have fresh breath.

image(122)Kind Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt: Oh my god. Chocolate!!! This granola bar is perfect for fall with its sweet and salty flavor.  I’m not a hardcore granola bar fan but this one might have done it for me. Brb, going to go buy some more.

I had many more photos but my website was being uncooperative and keeps giving me errors.  The rest of the items included another breath spray but in Pink Grapefruit:strange, but not bad, it freshened my breath but I like the original mint flavor better.
2 Wallpaper CDs: So, I gave this CD a listen and..I don’t like it. It’s not music I like. I thought it would be rock or maybe something along those lines. I was not expecting rap. No thanks. I’ll be giving these CDs to my friends or my cousins. There are only 4 songs on the CD but the first song was about puking brains out..It had a nice beat but like I said, it’s not music I like.
2 Olay Fresh Effects Shine, Shine Go Away Face Cleanser: I have combination skin but my skin has been breaking out a bit as of late.  I squeezed a little on my finger and was surprised to see a metallic silver. I began to lather it onto my wet face. It smells SO GOOD. It’s fresh and it left my face feeling super clean. I’m glad I got to try it and I know my mom will be getting good use of the other.

Dry Erase Board with neon markers: I have a white erase board and tried it on that as well. It looks good on both the black and white background.  The markets are super bright and they are fun with 3 different colors.  They will be getting used a lot.

The bottom line is if you are a college student and you find yourself wanting to try new things then CO-ED Supply is the best choice for you.  There are two price points and two different boxes depending if you are male or female. I love this box and I will for sure be getting a subscription as soon as I can scrouge up enough money. This box is a 9.5/10 for me. Loved it. It was like an early present.

If you are seriously thinking about it here is a gift to you: a $10 Promo code that expires September 30th, so act quickly! Promo Code: Hercampus

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  1. Wow I’m impressed! That looks like a great deal!!

    • sartorialspice on September 20, 2013 at 1:49 pm said:

      It really is! It was awesome and it’s always a surprise every month. Who doesn’t love surprises?

      Thanks for reading!

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