Ipsy: September 2013

photo 4Hello Spices! My Ipsy came fairly early this month and was quite a surprise.  I didn’t know what I was receiving because I had not checked my Glam Room so it was left a surprise.  This bag isn’t one of my favorites but I always appreciate the things I get.

Let’s get to it!

photo 1photo 2photo 3Em by Michelle Phan Life Pallete Sample: I am very fond of Michelle Phan and her makeup videos.  When I found out she had launched her own cosmetics line, I jumped for joy.  I am very happy with the sample they had sent over to me.  I have not tried it on yet, as I plan on using it when I have somewhere to go.  I love the neutral colors and it’s something that you could wear any time.

photo 1(1)

photo 2(1)Starlooks Eyeliner in Obsidian:  I don’t use eyeliner much anymore or not as much as I used to back in high school when i was going through my emo/scene phase.  I always appreciate getting some for free but they have been sending me quite a bit and I always tend to stay true to my Revlon or Loreal pencil eyeliners. This eyeliner didn’t really glide on but had some great pigment.  It wouldn’t be a good pencil choice to use on the eyelid since it does take a few strokes to get a deeper black.

photo 3(1)photo 4(1)NYX Eyeshadow in Lanikai: I like NYX and I absolutely adore the color blue–especially on my nails but l feel that I’ve outgrown that stage in life where I would wear blue eyeshadow.  It’s incredibly on trend but I don’t see myself getting much use out of this, unless I needed to practice my makeup skills on someone.  It’s relatively inexpensive, has great color that isn’t too bright, and sweeps onto the skin easily though you do need to build on the shadow.

photo 5photo 3(2)photo 4(2)

Cailyn Tinted Lipbalm in Big Apple: I loved this brand.  The item I had tried out before was a gel eyeliner that was given away at my past giveaway.  I was not aware that they made Tinted Lipbalm.  I was a bit iffy on this but when I put it on my hand for a swatch, I was surprised at how red and pigmented it was.  I put it on my lips and it was smooth.  It’s not as great as other lipbalms but its a great thing to put on your lips if you want some color and some hydration.  I adore the name! Big Apple!

photo 2(2)It’s So B!G by Elizabeth Motts Mascara: Mascara is mascara. There is so many out there that I find it a bit exhausting to look for them.  I already have 2 mascaras that I am in LOVE with so I was reluctant to try this.  It’s ok.  That’s the short of it.

photo 5(1)Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels: This surprised me the most.  I was NOT expecting any skincare or eye care in my bag.  This made me a very happy person.  I rushed to the bathroom and tried it on,following the directions.  I cut them to my size and peeled off the sticky back, sticking it on my dark circles.  I waited 15 minutes.  I didn’t really feel the cooling sensation but after maybe 5 minutes I felt a bit itchy under it. I resisted the urge to scratch and kept it on for the whole time. When I peeled it off, I saw no difference.  I don’t really have puffiness under my eyes but more bags and creases.  It helped nothing.  I would put pictures up of me wearing it, but it’s not cute. Sorry!

What did you recieve in your bag? Which would you be most interested in trying? I appreciate all your comments and likes. Thank you.



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  1. Sorry to hear this wasn’t the best bag you’ve ever received, but the lip stain looks really interesting!

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