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EdheaderYesterday was my 3rd Ed Sheeran concert in NYC.  I feel in love with Ed three years ago thanks to Tumblr and my obsession with Harry Pottter.  Everyone had been reblogging this video that I have never heard or seen before with Rupert Grint in it.  His vocals grabbed my attention right away but I must admit I wasn’t keen with the slowness of the song.  It grew on me and I researched all things Ed.  Here I am today.  Another thing that grabbed me was his fiery hair, anyone who knows me knows I have a thing for gingers and while he isn’t the most gorgeous, I just find myself swooning.  Last night’s show was no different.

MSG picNever in my wildest dreams would I think that he would get this far.  He sold out not one, not two, but THREE Madison Square Garden shows.  It was mind-blowing to see his name and photo up there.  He would live on friend’s sofas and was relatively unknown–until now.  His shows sold out in a matter of seconds and it was really hard to know if you were going to get good seats or not since it was all chosen at random.


I went with my best friend, Susan, who may I add looked stunning! Just check her out below. Woo!  I on the other hand went more for comfort with a black t-shirt, black skinnies, and black boots.  I added on a striped navy blue and white cardigan from Gap and my Plilip Lim 3.1 for Target bag.  I primped my nails with his signature cat paws and +.  I ordered the nail decals from Etsy and I really like them except they were a bit of a pain to put on.

IMG_0593We spent a good while just hanging out outside as we were waiting for a friend of mine.  We couldn’t go inside because I had her ticket.  I couldn’t help but people watch.  Now, I believe everyone should experience a concert and especially Ed Sheeran but should 9 year olds really be going to a concert? My first concert was at 15.  The last Sheeran concert at Terminal 5 was chaos,  I was stuffed again a 10 year old girl who was very sassy.  She exclaimed. “When I get inside, I am going to crawl under everyone and get to the front.” It just rubbed my the wrong way.  I don’t like anyone who ruins other people’s nights.  When we first arrived at MSG, we noticed girls lined up on the side of the building.  We stood by since we didn’t have anything to do when a girl standing beside us asked us breathlessly if we were waiting for Taylor. “Taylor?” I replied.”’m just standing here.” Little did I know..

image(125)image(126)The security was tight.  When we got inside the building I made a beeline for the merchandise.  I wanted to get a shirt with him on it.  Yes, I could’ve gotten one for cheaper or one from Etsy but I just loved the huge dates on the back.  It made me feel special.  It was chaos.  I thought I was already in the concert and I felt my ass than I have in my entire life.  Girls and their mothers were crowding around a table.  There was no line..just a hoard of bodies.  I managed to look over the heads and see there were only two women working it and they were going incredibly slow. I stood on line for 30 with only 2 minutes to spare before showtime.

 IMG_0607Tori Kelly opened up.  She has a similar sound to him and she really engaged the crowd,eliciting screams and whoops from the crowd.  She was really cute and I really enjoyed her songs, I would give her a listen if you could!

IMG_0605She played for about 45 minutes and there was a brief 15 minute break until Ed came out at exactly 9pm. He immediately jumped in and went through this setlist (I can’t remember the order because I am terrible): Give Me Love, Kiss Me, UNI, A Team, Be My Husband(cover), Small Bump, New York (NEW SONG), Lego House, Wayfaring Stranger, You Need Me, But I Don’t Need You.

The most adorable thing about Ed? His ‘I Love New York’ shirt. IMG_0615ednycedhandsupIt’s amazing how Ed can control a large crowd–especially in such a large venue.  He does this at all his concerts but in a venue like Madison Square Garden I thought it would be impossible.  I was wrong.  He tells us that it is a slow song and that he needs absolute quiet because he uses a loop pedal that records the sounds and plays it in a loop, to which he controls.  He is essentially his own band and it’s awesome.  You have those one or two asses who scream out things like, “FATHER MY CHILDREN.” and ” AHHHHH! I LOVE YOU!” to which he laughs, smiles, or even responds by saying. “I love you too.”

He got a huge venue to silence.  If I dropped a pin, you would’ve heard it. It was silent throughout the whole concert and I could only listen in awe.  His voice is angelic and he is incredibly talented.  He doesn’t need fancy techno pop beats or auto-tone to capture the hearts of millions.

The bestest part? His rapping.  Sweet God, just when you thought his accent was enough to make you go into cardiac arrest, the rapping just finishes you off.  Can I just say that he is the only artist that I can say that I love EVERY song on the CD and more.

Surprise.  Taylor Swift made a surprise appearance.  I don’t like her that much, I will be honest but I do like their song together so I let it slide.  She was wearing a ‘I heart Ed’ shirt and that made me aww.  The crowd went nuts that I went temporarily deaf.

edtaylortaylorappears tayandedI adore her style.  Girl has some good taste!

edendingYou’ve done it again, Ed.  You’ve wowed me.  I can’t wait for his sophomore album and more opportunities to go to his concerts! TAKE ALL MY MONEY!

I recorded a lot of songs on my phone but it won’t let me upload it quick enough so here is a video another fan took at the concert last night of the brand new song! Enjoy.

It has also come to my attention that Ed has now joined a campaign called FCancer.  If you donate money you are automatically entered to win a chance at having a dinner date with Ed!  You can use this link:

I hope you will join in the fight and help lower the amount of cancers. Good luck!

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  1. Wow, 9-years old is a bit young for a concert. I went to my first one at 13. Ed and Taylor look adorable in their matching shirts! And I love his rapping, too – the accent makes it awesome.
    ♥Emma, of It’s Emma Elise

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