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IMG_4822_ResizedI had the privilege to receive get some great goodies from Her Campus.  This box was chock full of some great products by some equally amazing sponsors.  I am a total klutz and my memory wiped out before I could post all the photos.  I don’t have all the items as I gave them away to some lucky friends of mine.  Here is what the Her Campus Back-to-School Survival Kit contained:

  • IMG_4837_Resized copyPoppin Pens in Dark Blue and lime green Poppin notebooks.  You could never have too many pens! I really like how the pen itself is clear and the POP of color is from the ink itself and the top.  How adorable is that?  Poppin is guaranteed to liven up your desk, office, or dorm.  The lime-green notebooks were small and compact which made it great for on the go.
  • Neuro Sonic Wild Berry:  When I went to the National Conference in the summer, I nabbed one of Neuro’s Lychee drinks.  It was delicious and did make me a bit sleepy as it was a sleep aid.  This drink is supposed to help your mental performance as well as give you a little bit of a pick me up as you cram for this mid-terms.
  • Her Campus Swag: Audrey Hepburn meme sticker, canvas bags, car sticker, and Her Campus clipboard.  Being a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn, the meme stickers always get a little giggle out of me.  The clipboard is coming to be increasingly handy as I can make my schedules on it and write thank you letters.  It also makes me feel quite official as I am also Social Media Director for Her Campus Montclair.
  • Chipotle: When I saw the BOGO card in my box, I did a little happy dance in my room.  I am always craving the corn tacos from there and I know I will be using this right away.
  • LUNA Nutrition Bars: I have an 8-8 day on Wednesdays so I often stow these bars away in my backpack to snack on while in class or studying in the cafe.  It gives me a boost of energy and tastes amazing.  I received the S’mores and White Chocolate Macadamia flavors. Yum!Thanks Her Campus!

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