Oxblood Love

photo(55)It took everything in me not to snatch this out of the gift wrap and use it myself.  I purchased this beautiful genuine leather wallet for my mothers’ big 5-0 milestone.  I had originally set my sights on the black one but this one happened to match my nails perfectly as a sales associate pointed out as I held it.  This color reminded me of the big fall color of last year: oxblood.  I don’t know exactly what color this is but it comes very close to it.  It has the perfect sense of warmth and edge to it.  The thing that makes it timeless? The Tommy Hilfiger logo in gold.  If they made this into a clutch it would be the piece to carry around and flaunt.  The wallet wasn’t extremely pricey but it wasn’t a bargain either.  At $80, it inflicted a deep wound in my own wallet.  I had completely forgotten that I could’ve gotten 7% back if I used Studentrate.com.  They also have a limited promotion until November 30th that gives you 20% off 2 items or 25% off 3 items plus the 7% back.  I had been so excited with the new opening at the Garden State Plaza mall that I had to see the items for myself in person.

I know the wallet will last quite a long time as it is made of great leather which is of great quality and I could see this color being a great fall/winter staple.  It has enough slots for your cards, ID, and money.  I might just have to ‘borrow’ it and find any reason to pull it out of my bag.

tommy Don’t these colors just scream fall and thanksgiving?!

2 Thoughts on “Oxblood Love

  1. I’ve always been a lover of the whole oxblood trend, although I prefer to reference it as a wine color for the simple reason that when people are like ‘oh I love that lipstick, what is it?’ and your response is ‘A sort of oxblood color’ people tend to cringe. Also what shade is that from Butter London? It’s so gorgeous!

    • sartorialspice on November 19, 2013 at 7:52 pm said:

      See! I was trying to find a nicer word but it never came to mind! Exactly, it’s like wine! The color is from their current collection and is called La Moss. I love it!


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