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cinqamandesI was completely ecstatic when I received this box in the mail the day after my 21st birthday.  It was perfect timing!  I had the opportunity to try these wonderful treat from Five Almonds.*

Les Cinq Amandes is located in Stamford, CT and they make artisan delicacies with a mission.  According to Les Cinq Amandes, “In the mid-17th century, European aristocrats celebrating weddings and special occasions would offer their guests five confectionary almonds symbolizing wishes for happiness, health, wealth, longevity and fertility.”

I’ve been to many weddings and I always remember white almond sweets in attendance as well.  I usually get them as favors to take home but these exceeded my expectations by tenfold.  I was only expecting The Chocolate Dragées but I was pleasantly surprised by the addition of some other great chocolate treats.  I am a chocoholic.  I love anything and everything chocolate so I was delighted when they included more of their beautiful chocolate confectioneries.

chocolateYou have the ability to choose the colors.  I decided to go for an ombre pink palette and got the chocolates in Lavender, Light Pink, and Dark Pink.  When I ripped open the box I couldn’t help but go oogly-eyed.  They were almost too pretty to eat and I was really hesitant in disrupting it.  I popped one in my mouth and swooned.  The dark chocolate was delicious without being too overpowering or bitter.  It was sweet and I didn’t feel bad eating it because EVERYONE knows dark chocolate is healthy.  The candy coating offered a great crunch and this is probably the best and fanciest version of an M&M.  Just saying.

tiramisuTiramisu Seduction is the name of the sensuous delights.  They were boxed with some Orange Peel Chocolates.  The Tiramisu chocolates didn’t really taste like tiramisu to me but they were delicious nonetheless.  They had small pieces of praline (my fave) and offered a crunchy treat in comparasion with the gooey orange center from the Orange Peel Chocolates.  I am not a big fan of orange and chocolate so I handed these off to my aunt who couldn’t stop talking about how good they were.

The Five Almonds also packed in some Petite Pistachio Dragées that were different and delicious.  I wish they were a little bigger so I could pig out! My father demolished these within seconds.  They are sweet, nutty, and the mint green color of the candy coating is very pleasing to the eye.  I might go back and buy some more for my dad for Christmas!


Ooey Gooey Caramel…mixed with chocolate?!  That’s exactly what Cupidon is and man is it good.  It did get stuck to my teeth and shock them to death thanks to my sensitivity but it was worth it.  I don’t know if I will risk the pain again but I will pawn these off to my cousin who should have her room made of caramel from how much she loves it.  It was definitely something different and I loved being able to try all of these.

The 5 Almonds are doing everything right and I am so excited to share a great promo for the holidays!  All my readers will get 10% off if they use the promo code HOLIDAY10.  Enjoy!

*Sponsored post.  I received the samples in return for my opinions which are completely mine.


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