DIY Marquee Board

IMG_0861I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with all your family and friends!  I am a bit bummed that the holiday season is already over.  I absolutely love the feeling of it all.  I am aware of how much I have been slacking and the lack of fashion posts and I am hoping that 2014 can be the year of overhaul.  I need to learn how to use the darn tripod!

I had been given the opportunity to be a Darby Smart Editor*.  Every month for a year I will be receiving DIY projects which I will be documenting on my blog.  I absolutely love doing DIY and arts and crafts and this is a great box subscription that will let you try your hand in it.

For the month of December, it was a DIY Marquee Board which you can hang or place anywhere you like and it could even be used for the upcoming New Years!

The great thing about Darby Smart is the fact that they give you everything you need to complete your masterpiece and clear instructions in the box.  When I opened the box, I was delighted to hear it start singing “Blue Christmas” by Elvis to me.  I thought it was adorable and made my first impression and experience 10x better.

IMG_0856When I opened the turquoise blue box, I had two foam boards (1 for practice), Christmas Lights, a silver Sharpie, a poking tool, and stencils along with the directions.  I already knew I wanted to do my name (the board fits 5 letters/numbers).


The process to making the marquee sign was pretty simple.

Step 1: Stencil in the letters lightly with a pencil and make sure that they are lined up evenly.

Step 2: Color in the stencil with Silver Sharpie

Step 3: Poke holes where lights will be placed.

Step 4: Add Lights

Step 5: Tape wires against back and revel in your work.

The only problem I did have was that the Sharpie I received was so dry that I could not even attempt to finish one letter.  I had to go to the store and actually buy a whole box and finish the marquee.  It was a bit annoying but once the product was done, I was really happy.  I feel it’s a bit plan so I might go back and color the white part and add some gold glitter to make it more festive.  It was a relatively fast and easy DIY and I enjoyed doing it.

IMG_0862*This post was sponsored in a way by Darby Smart.  Every month I will receive a DIY kit to try out and review.  All opinions are mine and mine alone.

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