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valentines*Sponsored Post. Every month for a year I will be receiving Darby Smart kits to try and review. The reviews and opinions are all mine and are no way affected by being sponsored.

Returning from my too-short vacation in the sunny state of Florida, I arrived to find my Darby Smart already ripped open by my curious father.  I took a peek and immediately grew excited.  Inside was a can that said ‘Sprinkles’.  Now, if you don’t know Sprinkles, it’s a rather semi-famous bakery that started in California and soon spread it’s wings into New York City.  I’ve been wanting to go for as long as I could remember but could never make time with my busy school schedule and multitude of internships.

This was going to give me my long awaited chance to get a chance to taste it, even though I know that the real deal is probably better.  The box contained the following:

stuff1stuff2stuff3and of course the Sprinkle’s cupcake mix in Red Velvet and a mini rolling pin.

I waited a while to do it as I wanted to enjoy it with one of my best friend’s.  Susan and I recklessly ignored the instructions which is strange on my part because I am very particular on following directions.  It was a very long, painstaking process for the two of us as my mother had thrown away our handmixer and so we then decided to use a whisk.  Bad move.  I was giving myself carpal tunnel trying to get the lumps to go away because we abandoned our brains back on winter vacation and threw everything into the bowl recklessly.  We then realized, 40 minutes later, that I had a stand mixer.

I could not believe how RED the mix came out, it was so red that it stained my fingers and clothing until the day after. I also found that after taking a big bite, it stained my teeth red.  Not really something you want to happen when you eat.  It kind of got me a bit paranoid about how my insides were probably.

After a long-struggle and lots of dishes later, it was time to put the batter into the oven.

And the (little messy) end product.

IMG_0891The fun part for Susan at least was rolling out the fondant which we had to soften a bit and roll out with the teeny-tiny rolling pin that they had given us.  The bad thing about this rolling pin was not its size but the fact that you had to use your whole hand to roll it with the palm of your hand as the little handles didn’t spin to allow the rolling pin itself to move.




The frosting came out way too sweet and I wish I would have used my own recipe to make it but the cupcake was moist, a bit dense, and fun to make.  I really enjoyed January’s DIY box.  You can grab your own at



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