Struggles & Triumphs

photo(68)I’m so upset that my blog is getting put on the back burner but working full-time really does take most of the time off your hands.  I can’t believe that I am pretty much half way done with my internship at ICONIX Brand Group.  I’ve fallen into the groove of things and it saddens me to think that all the amazing people and things I have been doing will have to come to an end.

With everything there are times of struggle.  I’ve found that many of the struggles are not with my ability to do the work but how soft-spoken I am.  I am a vibrant and excitable person but once I start working somewhere, I find that I try to separate the two so much, I come off as a girl with low confidence, shy, and hesitant.  I hold back so much of my true self that at times, I feel a bit down.  It makes me worry that in the future, I will do this so much for fear of coming off annoying or unprofessional that it will hinder my love for the job.

I’ve started to try to be more vocal and try to connect with everyone on more of a level of friendliness.  It’s a little hard when you are tucked away into an office (which I love) but I take every opportunity to try to talk with them on a personal level..without getting to personal.  Through my various internships,  I can wholeheartedly say that this internship has been my favorite so far.  All of my internships (except for 1) have been unpaid, which can be a tough thing in itself, but the fashion industry is known for their unpaid work, as sad as it is.  The only struggle I really have with this other than my confidence is my wallet is starving.  I pay about $77 a month (for 5 months) for my bus pass and while I wanted to start bringing food from home to work, I find some days I really am too tired to even pack myself a lunch.  Let me just say, food in NYC does NOT come cheap.  It would’ve been nice to have a stipend but I am just blessed to really have parents who are willing to pay for my transportation and food while I complete this internship for school.

Here are some struggles and the triumphs I have had while at my internship.


-Confidence: I am trying to speak up a little more and try not to look so timid when I approach my superiors.

-Money-Woes: A girl needs to save!

-Rush Hour: I manage to run out at 4:30 now rather than 5:00 so I can reach the bus at 4:40 and beat the traffic home.

-WEATHER: Did spring fall out of existence? The cold is enough to kill any ounce of strength in me to get out of my cozy bed.

-Fashion: My clothing choices/fashion is taking a hit.  As a fashion major, I ADORE clothing but with the frigid weather and running around I do. I’ve decided to take the route of comfort and warmth meaning sweaters, jeans, and UGGLY UGGS.

-No Spring Break 🙁 : Yes..while everyone is flying off to sunny Miami or backpacking in Europe, I will be hard at work along with the other adults.


-Fashion Week: Went to my FIRST fashion week show and loved the heck out of it

– Taking over some social media: I am social media obsessed and it is one of the things I want to do as a career..I was thrilled when I was allowed to take over the Candie’s Pinterest page.

-Buying gifts for celebs: Not with my money but I have had the opportunity to buy clothing for Solange Knowles and Nick Jonas

Stalk See some celebs: Celebs like Max George, Giuliana Rancic,and Ms. J Alexander

– Overcome my hesitation to talk on the phone: I don’t know why but I hate asking for or calling professionals on the phone.  I feel I sound more awkward on the phone but luckily I am getting MUCH better at it and don’t stutter half as much.

– Prioritizing/ Organizing: As a PR professional, you will have to be able to prioritize your tasks.  Organizing the closet and many invoices are also some of the tasks.  My favorite task? Sending out samples to magazines and sticking the invoice into the binder– I get such gratification from that!

-Networking: I LOVE to meet and talk to new people and I have met many great people that I just have the strong urge to be friends with as well.

– Seeing all the showrooms: Like..who wouldn’t want to head over to Badgley Mischka’s showroom and take a glimpse at all the dresses!?


Right around the corner from my internship..Times Square! (Not my favorite place in NYC but its bustling)

What are your struggles are your job or in life?  Do you have any tips for those who may feel the same? If you have any questions about my internship or how I found my internships, do not hesitate to comment below!


2 Thoughts on “Struggles & Triumphs

  1. Ah I am so jealous of your internship! I’m just entering the PR world as well, and I’ve been lucky enough to have some internship and work experiences in the industry.. but the fashion world is one that I find is so difficult to break into (especially because I live in Canada, so the industry here isn’t even that big). Loved this post, your position sounds really great!

    • sartorialspice on March 1, 2014 at 1:23 pm said:

      Internship and work experience is the best! It really makes you decide if you want to do it for the rest of your life or not. Hmm, Canada isn’t the biggest in the fashion industry but I am sure you will find something! Thank you for reading, I really appreciate it!


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