June 2014 Julep Box

Julep Maven Welcome Box


**I am not getting paid or compensated for the following. This review is purely my opinion and I hope you enjoy!**


After hearing about and seeing all the ads for Julep, I decided to jump the gun and join to see how I would like this subscription service.  I adore makeup but I love nail polish even more so I figured this would be the best choice for me. Every month for $25/mo or $20/3 mo (pre-paid) you get 2-3 nail polishes and/or a beauty product depending on your style profile. Your style profile is determined by the survey you take upon signing up. The style profiles are: It Girl, Bombshell, Classic with a Twist, Boho Glam, and Modern Beauty.

I just received my welcome box and I had taken the survey to only be told that I am Classic with a Twist. I really that there is a style profile but the main issue is that I like ALL types of polishes and tend to gravitate towards blue,greens, and purples. Classic seems like it would be more reds,pinks, and nudes which I love but there are so many beautiful hues that I had to go in and change what items I was going to get for next month’s box.

I am familiar with Julep because Sephora sells the brand in their stores and online. I’ve never personally purchased them because I felt that $14 was pretty steep for polish. I sometimes splurge on polish but for such a small bottle (0.27 fl oz compared to the average 0.50 fl oz) it makes me hesitant.

Julep Maven June 2014 BoxIn my box, I received a 50% off of my next purchase, nail buffers, 4 Julep nail polishes, a welcome packet, and blush.

Julep June 2014 Maven BoxI absolutely ADORE the four colors I received and the blush is a beautiful light pink that will be sure to please in the summertime. The colors that I received are (from left to right): Gabrielle (Bombshell), Lizanne ( It Girl), Madison (Classic with a Twist), and Maddy (Classic with a Twist).

Gabrielle Lizanne Madison Maddy Julep Nail Polish

Madison and Maddy Julep Nail Polish SwatchesLizanne and Gabrielle Julep Nail Polish SwatchesI sat down last night and cleaned my nails of my old polish so I could try these. I put each color one one finger and this is what I think of the polish.

Julep Nail Polish Swatches

The colors are gorgeous and I love that they all have their own names,it’s very different from other brands that try to be creative while Julep stays simple. Hopefully there is or will be a Dylan polish.

Some colors are thicker than others and can be a bit gloopy. The polish is very thick so you have to apply with a light hand or with a few more layers. Gabrielle turned out to be a little bit streaky but nothing a second coat didn’t fix.  Madison was a lot thinner and sheerer than it’s counterparts.  Every color has a different consistency and some can be a bit messier than others. I’m looking at you Lizanne.  There are many mixed reviews about Julep. Some very negative and some very positive. I was a bit nervous when I read them and wondered if I had made a mistake in ordering a box. From what I’ve seen and tried so far, I really like it! The only thing that bothers me is the price of an individual bottle but I really like the colors and they dry rather fast. I feel the darker colors take a bit longer to dry but you are golden with an awesome top coat.

I use the Seche Vite topcoat and my nails haven’t chipped yet even after some working out at the gym and banging my nails and hand around. I can’t wait to try out some more of their polishes!

Have you Sartorialists tried the Julep Maven box yet? Have you tried Julep? I would love to hear your opinions!


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