August Julep Box

julep-polish-augustI’m really enjoying the nail polishes that I’ve been receiving in my Julep Maven boxes. I came home from vacation to find 3 jewel-like polishes awaiting my arrival. Julep-Maven-Polishesnail-polish-julepPictured above are Katie (Classic with a Twist), Waleska (Boho Glam), and Avni (Classic with a Twist).  I have the It Girl box but I love that you can still edit your choices once the window opens up. So far, I’ve had a pretty good experience with this nail polish. The only complaint I have is when I wanted to use a 50% off code and it wouldn’t discount correctly. I emailed and I got a response a week later, when the polishes were out of stock. They gave me some Jules (which gives you some discount) but I never got my polishes. They are now growing and have added more people to their customer service and moved over their distribution center which will lessen the time the polishes get to your door.


Now back to the polishes! Katie is a gorgeous “Orchid iridescent chrome” polish. I think this the perfect color for summer and it fits in with the color of the year! I haven’t personally tried any of these polishes since I just did my nails at a salon and forgot to take them with me. (Go me!)

Waleska is my favorite out of the trio. I have a soft spot for green/blue polishes even though my parents hate it. I think blues and greens are such beautiful colors that are calming to look at. This particular polish is a “Eucalyptus green chrome with gold iridescence”. You can definitely see the gold in the polish and I think it will be a great color even in fall.

Avni is an “African violet shimmer” I love how deep and shiny the color is. This will also be a great add for fall as well as the rest of the year.

Julep-trioWhat color do you like best? Have you tried Julep’s Maven Box? You can join right here!


2 Thoughts on “August Julep Box

  1. These are so pretty! Also, LOVE the first photos of the super close up – beautiful!

    • sartorialspice on August 23, 2014 at 1:06 am said:

      aww thanks Ashleigh! I’m trying to learn my camera a bit more, the lighting in my house is terrible but I am glad you like it!


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