Red Hot Sole the plunge, I think I splurged the most I have ever splurged on a nail product. I decided that I wanted to see if the Christian Louboutin nail polish was worth the price and the hype.

Christian-Louboutin-polishFirst things first…the bottle is gorgeous. I am a sucker for great packaging AND the look of the actual product. It attracts me to it. The 7-inch pointed cap which is modeled after their famed Ballerina ULTIMA shoe.

The bottle looks like it was carved out of the glass that the polish is in. I really love the ombre look of the glass as it gives it an edgy and elegant look.  The polish was exactly what I expected. Thick and luxurious.

Christian Louboutin-Nail polish-reviewThe cap isn’t as light as a normal cap but it isn’t painstakingly heavy. I found that I had slight difficulty applying the polish to my right hand with my left hand since it isn’t my dominant hand.  The cap felt heavy in my left hand but I expected it as well. The color went on beautifully in one coat, you wouldn’t need two but I put two to even out any shoddy job I may have done in the first coat.

I used a base and a top coat to maximize the look and life of my manicure. I’m on day 4 and no chip in sight yet! I am pretty confident that you can get a week chip-free. This specific color is sold out but I managed to snag it on  I think this color, the ‘Rouge Louboutin’ is limited edition but he will have a whole collection of noirs, brights, and nudes to choose from. I may splurge on a nude and that would be it .

It is a great piece to have on your vanity and I am pretty sure that I will have this bottle of nail polish for years. I’ve had all my polishes for 4+ years because I like to alternate that I never seem to finish a bottle and they stay pretty fresh and don’t gloop up.

I have never, EVER worn red on my nails. I always felt that it looked a bit grandma-ish or too plain. It was always any color BUT red. But this specific shade of red and seeing my nails in red, may have changed my mind. It won’t be a color that I reach for often but it will be a nice treat and color to wear during the colder months.

What do you think of the polish? $50 is very steep but it’s had some rave reviews and I like it a lot! If I finished the bottle and had the option of buying it again, I would probably buy it in a different color.

Rouge-LouboutinWhat I do recommend is to keep some Q-tips and nail polish remover on hand, my nails are narrow and while the brush was narrow, I often got some on the sides of my nails. Just swipe the edges clean after your top coat and it will be perfect!


4 Thoughts on “Red Hot Sole

  1. The packaging of this is so adorable! Maybe I’ll shell out the $50 to try this bad boy. That’s amazing that it goes on in one coat!

    • sartorialspice on August 28, 2014 at 1:45 pm said:

      The box is square and goes over the polish part. I took pictures but it came out terrible. I love it, I think it looks better than the shoe it was modeled after!

  2. The only reason why I want to buy that Louboutin nail polish is because of the bottle’s design. It will look so damn good on my vanity table 🙂 But in terms of color, I saw something similar from Julep.

    • sartorialspice on August 28, 2014 at 2:31 pm said:

      I understand! Every nail polish brand has similar colors to one another so you can for sure find a similar color for $5 rather than $50. This is on my vanity right now on a mirrored tray and damn does it look good!


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