Back to School..For the Last Time

Back to School booksIt’s officially September 1st. Back to school..back to work..back in motion. Vacation is over and I already feel the piles of homework collecting on my desk.

With the start of school, I get the realization that this is my last back to school..ever. I am a senior. With this, I get nervous. I am *this* close to graduating and having to find a job. It’s been a whole year since I’ve gone to school. I took my spring semester off to take on a full-time internship. It will be really strange trying to get back into school mode.

I feel like I have a lot on my plate for my last year of university. I got hired for a part-time job, I became a Keds Brand Ambassador, blogging, writing and doing social media for my Her Campus chapter, and juggling some tough classes.

These classes would be: Chemistry, Fashion Merchandise Mathematics, The Fashion Consumer, Evaluating Apparel Quality, and Theorizing Communication and Media Arts.  What I am most stressed about is Chemistry and Fashion Math. I am not particularly fond of Chemistry and I had to drop the math class several semesters back because the professor rushed through the lecture as if it was a race.

Despite it, I hope to pass all my classes with flying colors and make sure that I go out with a bang. I want to have a bitter-sweet ending to the 4 years I’ve had at my university. I’m ready to take on whatever this year has to throw at me.

Here’s to my last back to school ever.


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