Wednesday Wishlist

wednesday-wishlist-septemberGuess what today is!? It’s Wednesday!! (and back to school! Noooo..) While I am sitting on my 5 hour hiatus between classes, I decided to jot down what I want most right now–that isn’t my warm comfy bed beckoning for me to come home.

Wednesday Wishlist 2

This is what I wish I had this very second or at least in the coming months.

1)  Abercrombie & Fitch ‘Melina Snit Duster’ Cardigan:  Yes, Yes. I’m a plus-sized gal and I hate their CEO with a passion but their one-size cardigans offer a roominess that fits even me! Woo! It’s thin and has a hood. Nothing is worse than when it’s raining or drizzling and you don’t have something to cover that do. At $44, it is affordable and a great addition for your fall wardrobe.

2) Anthropologie ‘Hothouse’ Sweatshirt: Floralllllls. This sweatshirt is adorable. I love that the florals are muted enough so it doesn’t seem out of place in a fall wardrobe, though pastels are having their moment right now. I love mixed media so the fact that the print is a different texture and material than the trim really makes me swoon. $110 is a bit steep for a sweatshirt but I will be waiting to see if Anthropologie will be sending me a discount for my birthday in a few months–or having a sale!

3) Honda Civic: LOL. Yes. I am a commuter. No, I do not have a car. In all my four years at university, I’ve been having my father drive me to and from school. Of course, I have to stay ALL day on campus (8-8) and it gets a bit old. This is the ultimate wish. I don’t care what kind of car. If it has 3 wheels, 2, a broken chair, 2 doors, 4 doors. A car is a car. Of course a brand new one would be amazing, but to finally have independence and not having to depend on anyone would be amazing.

4) Banana Republic ‘Tweed Vee Pullover’ in Vanilla: Are you seeing a recurring theme of sweaters and sweatshirts? Want to know why? Right now it’s 90+ degrees and I am sweating like crazy but come a few months or even days–who knows with this damn global warming– I will be freezing. My school is situated on a godforsaken mountain. The wind is enough to pick you up and carry you to or away from class, free of charge. It gets cold, not the OH, it’s finally FALL cool, but more of the I want to kill myself and throw myself into an oven kind of cold. This pullover will be great to well…pull over lots of different shirts. It is the ultimate must-have. Take it from me. The $80 will pay for itself when I am toasty warm and parading happily around campus.

Happy Back to School time!



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