September Julep Box

September-Julep-BoxI LOVED this month’s Julep Box, that being said, this is my last month.  As a college student, I need to be frugal and I already have a million and one polishes. I will miss getting to pick the three colors I want and having polishes shipped to my house. Hopefully, in the future I can get back into it but this is a bittersweet end to a great little subscription box.

September-Julep-PolishesLook at these colors. They are deep and rich and so very fall. It’s PERFECT. These colors are also very collegiate looking to me as well. Very royal!

Julep-PolishesMary Lee is a beautiful velvety looking burgundy. Mahima is a very opaque gold that is quickly becoming an obsession. Look at how it seems to shine! Ryan is a very expensive looking blue. Mary Lee and Ryan both have a ‘satin finish’ as stated on the top of the bottle.

Julep-Polish-SwatchesAgain, I didn’t have time to put them on my nails and really try them but the formula seems consistent with their other colors. I feel like the darker colors tend to be thicker as the pigmentation might have a thing or two to do with that. The gold is the one with the least thickness/gloopiness to it.

Julep-Red-Gold-Blue-PolishWhat do you think of the colors I chose this month? I think it was quite a grand finale box, if I do say so myself!


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