Spring is in the Air!

Don’t know what I am talking about? I am talking about the oh-so cute theme going on at Kate Spade at New York Fashion Week! I felt like spring was barely here before summer came and took over. I swooned and awed at most of the things. Some were too cute..but not very practical. Here are a few of my favorites.

This dress was one of my absolute favorites. I love the streamlined, proper look with the collar. It very much reminds me of refined, British fashion with the attention to details. I adore the ruffles at the bottom and who could deny those shoes are killer? This look was a plus in my book. Of course,  I can’t fit in their clothing but I will just stand back and stare while I drool.

Not an outfit but these shoes. Look at them. I am a huge fan of eyelet looks and to see it incorporated into a sleek oxford-looking bootie just makes me tingle with excitement. They also have it in white but black is the way to go! I would buy these right now if I could.

Kate Spade knows what it’s doing when it does it’s quirky designs.  I honestly think they are the only ones who can get away with being so creative and people will still buy it. This flower pot..look how cute! It’s just so different but exactly what I would expect from the brand. This will be on my wish-list/graduation gift list come spring.

My ultimate must have–I guess this post ended being a Wednesday Wishlist in some way after all–is this Watering Can bag. With the scalloped detailing and it’s fun design, it will be the ultimate finishing piece for all my floral pieces. What were some of your favorite Kate Spade looks/items? I wasn’t too fond of the toad and crab wicker purses. Adorable yes, but wicker isn’t exactly the most lasting material. It’s also way too big and a bit scary.  Though that snail clutch was an adorable touch and one that people can’t seem to stop talking about!


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