Wednesday Wishlist: 09.17.14

Wednesday WishlistSchool has been kicking my butt. As you can tell, I missed a post on Monday because..well..I just totally forgot.  You can’t blame a girl! But this week, I’ve been wishing for a LOT of things..and they aren’t really material at this point. Yes, it’s the beginning of the semester but this is what I am wishing for.


1) Sleep: All I want is some decent sleep. I find myself tossing and turning–like seriously!? A girl wants her beauty sleep! Which is why I also think my skin is suffering, between the stressing and the lack of zzz’s, I’ve been breaking out like no tomorrow. Even on the weekends, my brain screams to wake 8am. *sigh*

2)Drinks: Pass the dranks! I just need a girls’ day out. I find myself stuck inside my room,studying and doing assignments, I guess there is no such thing as a social life when you want to get really good grades. I guess this blog will just have to be my friend from now on.

3) Snacks: I’ve been craving snacks alll the time. Probably due to stress again. I don’t even want to know how it’s going to be once mid-terms and finals roll around! (I’ll be the one rolling around.) I’ve just been too lazy/tired to walk over to the supermarket and satisfy my craving, but then again maybe it’s for the better. I’ll just scroll through Instagram and slowly die inside.

How has your semester been so far? What are you wishing for this week?




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