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PM-Logo-r1So, I’ve been hearing a lot about Poshmark for months until I finally was pulled in by curiosity. I went online and immediately was drawn in.

I was a bit hesitant at first. How could I trust the site and it’s buyers/sellers? After I placed my first order for a gorgeous mint Kate Spade wallet, I immediately went online and looked up reviews. Many were negative and some positive. It didn’t appease me until I received the item.  In the photo, I had seen a small dot which I assumed was dirt–it turned out to be a pen mark that couldn’t be removed.

I complained to Poshmark and they gave me $30 credit which made my wallet $50. Well worth it.  There are several rules to Poshmark and there are it’s pros and cons. I will list them below.


  • You can find many,amazing brand new bags/clothes/shoes from designers such as Kate Spade, Tory Burch, and Rebecca Minkoff.
  • You can SELL your clothing that has been collecting dust in your closet and make cash!
  • Great deals–many people tend to barter a bit,trying to lower prices a bit before purchasing
  • EASY–buying is easy and selling is easy


  • Selling is hard–at least for me. Poshmark takes quite a bit in fees as well so you can see that you won’t get what you paid.
  • No returns. If it doesn’t fit,too bad you will have to resell it
  • Be cautious–if something looks too good to be true or they try to sell via PayPal, they may be trying to scam you

Like any other site, you need to be careful about certain sellers who try to trade or want to take the transaction to PayPal. I’ve seen quite a few people panic when they never received the item or the person who traded didn’t get their item because the person never sent it. Counterfeits are another potential problem where you have to be careful and really study the photos to see if the brands are truly the brands.

So far, all the Kate Spade items I’ve purchased have been real and completely new. I’ve also gotten them for steals.  As for selling, I haven’t been so lucky…

Poshmark-profileHave you tried Poshmark before? What do you think? I personally love it for buying. I’m addicted!


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