melted-too-facedIf you are anything like me, you want to get that model look with lipstick..and fail terribly.  Seriously, sometimes I find that I am way too messy for the ‘sexy’ look that lipstick is supposed to give you. In comes ‘Melted’ by Too Faced to the rescue!


These small tubes pack quite a punch when you swipe them on. I was taken aback by how pigmented by them. When I put on Melted Berry (left), my mom had cringed when she saw it,saying it was too much.  The Melted Fig (right), is a beautiful rosy orchid but don’t let that description fool you. These colors are super pigmented.

The tubes have a sponge applicator that allows the color to apply evenly on your lips without dispersing too much of the product. I underestimated it my first time and ended up looking like Ronald McDonald. The color had smeared to the outer corner of my lips.  Apply with an easy hand or you will end up with most of the lipstick all over.

Melted is exactly what it sounds like.  It has the consistence of a lipgloss without the gross,sticky factor.  It is a liquid lipstick and after it fades away it leaves behind a beautiful stain that reminds you of the lipstick that you had been wearing prior.  Each tube will set you back $21 but with the itty bitty bit you put onto your lips, this tube will last you a long time.

Melted Berry is definitely a lipstick for those who are more daring and love a bold,red lip. It isn’t for the fainthearted and doesn’t work for everyone.  Melted Fig on the other hand is much more demure but still packs a punch. The color is a bit neutral in the shade but the shine ups the ante.  I adore this one. I love the line and hope that they will add more colors to their arsenal.  I am obsessed with this line because it just lasts so long and I constantly get complimented on it!

Too-Faced-Melted-SwatchesThere are 10 shades to choose from, which do you like the best? You can purchase them here.


6 Thoughts on “Melted

  1. I have been wanting to try these out for so long! They look amazing


  2. Totally obsessed with Melted, too! I have one in Peony and it’s just gorgeous.

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