The New and Improved Aeropostale

Aeropostale GSPDisclaimer: I’ve received compensation from Aeropostale but all opinions are mine.

I bounced over happily to Aeropostale in Garden State Plaza this past Saturday with a friend to check out a party they were having.  I’ve seen the new store and new clothing and honestly, I love it.  It’s nothing like the boring polos with the word AERO posted in the front.  It’s cool, it’s edgy, and it’s cute.

Aeropostale Sales AssociateFirst things first, everyone was incredibly nice, especially the sales associates.  I had gone in with one sweater in mind but unfortunately it had been sold out.  Seeing my dismay, Sabrina (the one in the photo), told me I could order it online and they handed me a free shipping coupon. Um, score.  Not to mention her outfit was incredibly cute.

necklaces AeropostaleEverything is fifty times cuter.  Their re-branding is a huge win in my book.  It feels like they have shed their old image completely with their new trendy clothing line for college age students called Aero Now.  It truly does feel like it is the now!

girlsfromWPUNJWhile I was there, I bumped into these lovely ladies from William Paterson University who were also there on behalf of Her Campus.  It excited me so I had to go towards them and talk. They were all total sweethearts and it made me want to make sure that Her Campus Montclair grew just as big. You go, girls!


Tee: Aeropostale, Cardigan: Aeropostale

I adored this floral tee and lace cardi. I knew I had to have them the moment I saw them.  The lace tee was a great material and was from the Pretty Little Liars line while the cardigan was Bethany Mota.  I didn’t think they would look so good together! These will be my fall staples, especially for my days running around and about for my internship.

fuzzysweaterSweater: Aeropostale

This’s not a sweater I would have chosen a long time ago but the moment I let my fingers brush against it, I knew that I had to take it home as well. It’s so fuzzy and soft and I am a sucker for a cool print such as this. This sweater will be much loved during the brisk fall days.

livelovedreamLive Love Dream is their new lounge wear clothing line.  Look at how adorable it is! I love how bright and airy it all looks.  The paint splatters on the lights are a cute touch.  But this wasn’t the only thing that was adorable, the dressing rooms were just as cute.  They looked like they were staring out into New York City.  The doors are clear and then when you unlock it to get in, it fogs up. I was amazed, I couldn’t stop wanting to try everything on.

dressingrooms AeropostaleAt the end, I ended up ordering two more things from Aeropostale online and I can honestly say that it is now one of my favorite brands.  It’s affordable, trendy, and the Ipads in the dressing room make you feel like you are partying it up.  Overall, it has a great energetic feel and I feel like the brand has been reborn. Thank you Aeropostale, we are not how we were like a year ago–we are better!

sweater AeropostaleJacket: Aeropostale



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