Wishin’ away…

Wednesday WishThe leaves are changing and so are my wishes. I am yearning for much more fall/winter items. The list is small but only because the items are just so pricey!


Wednesday Wishlist 3


1) Ann Taylor Boiled Wool Coat, $248: So, this is a huge splurge item but it is also a coat–well, a cape. I’ve always loved capes but I am a bit on the fence about this one since it is wool and it’s a cape.  I get rashes every time I wear wool but I think it’s only because they do not wash the wool well when processed. Also, as a curvy gal, I fear I will look like a bowling ball walking down the street with this cape coat. It’s gorgeous though and I want to at least try it on.

2) Kate Spade new york Colorblock Fedora, $128: This. hat. is. so. cute. I look terrible in hats but I am hoping that I gather up enough quarters (and a coupon) to score this baby. I love the bow on the side and the grey/black combination. It updates it a bit but still keeps with the usual monochromatic look of hats.

3) Bauble Bar Headphones, $175: Definitely more of a want than a need. I love the bejeweled look of the headphones and find it amazingly cool that you can switch the caps. For the price, it is a bit steep but the white leather and rose gold makes me drool and my eyes sparkle. Hello, Christmas gift..

What are you wishing for this Wednesday?



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