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Seasons come and seasons go, but we never seem to want to let go of that bronzer (keep that tan going!).  Yes, I’m going to list some cliche must haves but damn..they are must-haves.

1) Bold Nail Polishes: Over is the time of hot pink and bright neons, it’s time to tone it down and mellow out.  Let the leaves give you all the color you need and take cue, go for deeper green tones and nude neutrals. NailKale is the new healthy option for your phalanges–a.k.a your fingers.  Packed with vitamins and color, it’s perfect for those who wouldn’t mind some kale on their hands.  Grab a bottle of Bruton Mews and get transported to a lush, green forest.  It’s definitely a deep color for those who are more daring.

2) Neutral Nail Polishes: Like I said, relax. You need this small window of relaxation before the holiday rush comes along. Swipe on some Modern Love, which will for sure make you swoon.  It’s subtle, goes with everything, and has a tinge of pink.  It’s perfect for the girly-girl or the tomboy, this neutral will not let you discriminate.

3) Golden Eye: Whenever I think of fall, I can’t help but think of luxury.  All the great, luxurious colors, textures, and fabrics are truly on display this season. Why not let everyone know that gold is not just for your jewelry. Start off with a primer, layer on True Gold and add a winged black liner and you will look killer. Again, this is for the adventurous and you are never too old to experiment.

4) Rich Lips: Pucker up and choose your favorite, deep colored lipstick.  Maroons, reds, and plums are the power-houses this fall.  It’s the perfect accompaniment to your leather moto jacket and heeled booties.  You will look like a total bad-ass and feel invincible.  Be the Saboteur that makes everyone’s blood boil with envy as you strut your stuff.

Go big, bold, or soft and neutral.  Fall is the season for everyone. No judgement, neutrals and deep berry tones are always in around this time and the color palettes never seem to get old.  What is your poison? Bold or Simple?



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