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CollegeFashion1**This is a sponsored post but all opinions are mine**

Ever wanted to have an opinion on something such as what you should wear to that dinner date or what pair of shoes you should buy that have several color choices? Cinch helps make that a whole lot easier.

Never heard of Cinch? I was one of those.  When I found out that it was a way to get your friends and others to vote in a visual poll, I was sold.  I cannot tell you the countless times I would have to copy and paste ugly links to a text message.  Whenever I got a link via text message, I would be discouraged from clicking it.

This one, you simply go to the app, upload your photos and that’s it.  You just sit back and watch the results pour in.  I really love the feature where you can make your poll public to those who have Cinch, so you get much more people voting.

College Fashion Week CinchAnd just like get results! One thing that I think they should add is an edit feature. I had accidently added two photos of the same outfit and well..I couldn’t delete it. No one voted for the duplicate but it still put off the percentages. I know this app is brand new though so I have many high hopes! Maybe to make it funner, they could add a point system and little rewards or customization. Gah, it’s just a trusty little gadget.

College Fashion Week Cinch PollWant in on the fun? The app is free to download! You will never have to be indecisive again with this handy app!  You can download it here.

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P.S. What is YOUR favorite outfit? I am totally digging the black top and green skirt..every one really knows what they are talking about on Cinch!


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