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statement earringsI adore a good statement earring.  Sure, statement necklaces are cool but sometimes you don’t want your neck area to look too busy.  I don’t like heavy earrings but earrings don’t have to be huge or heavy to be considered statements. I’ve gathered 3 of my favorite statement earrings–including the one I am wearing!

triple piercing earring with bowThese earrings are very distinct.  Can you guess where I bought it from? If you guessed Etsy, you were right! These earrings were made by Meri over at MeriGreenLeaf. I’ve been buying earrings from Meri for a very long time and she is the absolute sweetest. She let me swap out the top piercing for a cuff since I am not pierced up there. She also switched out the black earrings to white for me, letting me customize my earrings for no extra cost. What I love about Meri is she also just talks to me, we picked up a conversation like nothing after a few years. You can buy these earrings here.

Earrings 1

These earrings are gorgeous.  I love dangling earrings but these with their antique gold and crystal gems are irresistible to me. These might be a bit heavy but they give off a cool, edgy steampunk kind of vibe to me.  Fall is the perfect time to experiment with a bit more of an edge.  These puppies can be found at BaubleBar.


earrings 2

If you could not tell, mismatched earrings are my favorite.  They give a great contrast and offer something new rather than having two of the same.  Just because everything is symmetrical doesn’t mean your earrings have to be! I really enjoy the mix of metals in this earring with the gunmetal and gold.  The rainbow gem in the center must look gorgeous when hit with the sun. I have to buy these two earrings right away. You can find this one at Nordstrom!

What is your favorite kind of statement earring?


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