My goodness.  I can’t believe it’s Halloween.  Where has the time gone!?  As I get older, the less I like Halloween. I know, it’s really sad. Here are five reasons I am feeling a little like scrooge this Halloween.

1) I’m too OLD to trick-or-treat: Apparently, to some people, I am too old to get some candy.  When at 17, I remember dressing up excitedly and going out with my friends as a group.  We ALL dressed up, we put effort in it, and my god did we walk.  At one point, I got to a door and the lady paused,seeing me standing next to the smaller children and said, “Aren’t you too old to be trick-or-treating?” while she still placed a treat in my bag.  After that, I stopped. I hated getting looks from adults as if telling me I shouldn’t be there. It isn’t right–there is not a specific law or rule that says I can’t do it,it’s just a matter of feeling uncomfortable.

2) I’m terrible at parties: I don’t like parties. I usually stand at a wall and nibble on snacks before I ditch. I am a social butterfly once you talk to me but in a party environment, I shut down. Sure, Halloween parties sound like fun but I just don’t feel comfortable in those atmosphere.

3) ADULT Responsibilities: I intern. ALL. DAY. I don’t know if I can dress up. I was going to wear a super bold lip and some cat ears (yes, a cliche) but the simplest thing ever. I love my internship so I want to respect them by coming to work looking like a normal human being. Work doesn’t stop just because it’s a holiday..unless your Christmas because..you cool.

4) No binging on chocolate: I’ve been trying to wean myself off sweets.  It’s failing miserably but if I see chocolate, I can’t help myself so I am going to punish myself and give myself at least a chocolate ban on the biggest treat day of the year. Sorry, Reese’s you are going to have to stay in the candy aisle.

5)Kids. everywhere: I love kids. I think they are so stinkin’ adorable, just not on Halloween.  The worst part is the fact that I will be in New York and be stuck in the worse traffic possible.

The point of this little rage blurb? I am old, have adult things to do, and am forcing myself away from the most amazing substance on earth that we call chocolate.

Happy Halloween everyone! I really do love dressing up though..I was just too unprepared this year. I will for sure dress up next year ;D




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