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I’ve been MIA. Between finals and my new retail job at Anthropologie, I feel that time has escaped me. Along with escaping time, my birthday was last Friday. It’s surreal how fast the year flies.  I’ve strengthened friendships, gained more knowledge, and I am a step closer to graduating university.

What I’ve learned through having a blog is that it’s not easy.  I want to have more fashion/style posts but I will need to start using a tripod and camera myself if I want them on the regular.  My style has shifted a lot through the years–so much so that I don’t have a specific style.  When you gasp and make a beeline for a shirt or dress, that’s when you know it’s meant to be. It’s the things the take your breath away in life that makes you know for sure what you like.

At 22, you’re still figuring out your life, your personality, your likes and dislikes.  Having this blog and readers like I do, is amazing.  This is something I will never regret doing.  If you’re thinking about starting your blog, just do it.

22 is an age of discovery. I am still immature but I am definitely responsible and career driven.  With the holidays growing nearer, I just feel so grateful for everything that’s happened this year. I hope to incorporate more style and fashion into my blog.  As a fashion student, I’ve been exposed to so much and I feel like I haven’t translated that enough.

Look out for–hopefully–a new and improved Sartorial Spice!

My totally,rambly post for this week but next week I will be posting a holiday haul. Stay tuned for that!


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