Make Your Seasonal Job, Permanent

photo(95)This winter break, I decided I needed some cash, and like any other college student I went out and looked for a retail job.

This is where it all begins. You search and all the jobs that come up are for seasonal positions but you want to stay in a place longer to have that income secure. This is what you do.

1) Apply to stores or jobs that fit your interest or aesthetic. Envision yourself working there and how the day-to-day activities would be like. Do NOT apply somewhere that you yourself would not shop at or have a liking to. You will be miserable and to be honest, who wants to be working somewhere they don’t enjoy even if it does pay. If you would shop there and love it, go for it.

2) You got the interview! Yay! If the person interviewing you is rude, unprofessional, or just doesn’t seem to care, walk out. It leaves a bad taste in ones mouth but the interview is a small peek of what will truly go down once you work there. This does not just go for retail jobs but internships and careers. Always ask if there is potential to stay after the season.

I absolutely loved my interviewer. She was kind, funny, and made me want to work there. There was no pushing or stress at all and I felt like I could truly be myself.

3) You got the job! Make it count! From the moment you clock in to the moment you clock out, make sure you ask for help or ask questions if you need it. Do not waste time panicking or standing idly. Keep yourself busy and show you are a self-starter. Chances are they will see that you can work independently without being asked every five minutes. When things get hectic, help to your fullest capacity.

4) Once your season begins to come to a close, personally go to your manager or higher up and ask if there is a spot to stay permanently. For my situation, they emailed our last holiday schedule and told us they were always looking for more team members. I jumped on it as quickly as I could. I emailed and called. I then stayed after my shift and asked. This all happened on separate occasions. Don’t seem desperate or annoying. Just simply tell them you are interested.

5) I knew I was chosen to stay when I received an email with the next weeks schedule and I was on it. Work hard, persist, and make it known that you are not simply looking for some extra cash but an experience and a job.




2 Thoughts on “Make Your Seasonal Job, Permanent

  1. Great advice, especially about finding a job in the first place! I am so glad that I chose the job where I liked my interviewer and felt comfortable.

    • sartorialspice on January 28, 2015 at 12:25 am said:

      When you’re comfortable and like the person who probably has to be tough–you know it’s probably a good place to be! Thanks for reading 🙂


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