New Obsession: The Cookie Dough Cafe


After a long week of school, work, interning, and errands, I just want to curl up in bed and watch some Netflix. Now I have even more of a reason to stay inside thanks to this holy grail of a snack: cookie dough.

Uh, whaaaat. Yup, edible cookie dough.

No eggs, no salmonella, no problem.  This is seriously like..the best thing to happen since anything. There are 4 flavors in all: Chocolate Chip, Monster, Cookies & Cream, and Naked.

Chocolate Chip is the one that my cousin purchased for me from a local grocery store (thanks Nadine!) and by far my favorite.  Cookies and Cream tasted a little too artificial for me. Monster is next on my list which contains peanut butter, M&Ms, and oats.


The cookie dough needs to be refrigerated and is not made to be baked.  When I took a spoonful, I didn’t know what to expect.  The dough is smooth and speckled with delicious, sweet chocolate chips. When you bite down, the dough is crunchy thanks to the brown sugar in it. It’s a crunchy, smooth experience.  You can dress it up or just eat it as is.

Next time you have a night in with the girls, make sure this is in your arsenal.

You can see if your grocer carries this or order online!




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  1. This is my dream come true!!!!

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