Pier-94-IMATSLast Sunday, I made my way over the Hudson into one of my favorite cities–New York.  I made the trip with my gal pal BB to meet her friends and make our way over to Pier 94.

Sunday was general admission and we were excited to see what it had in store for us. This was my first time at the International Makeup Trade Show so I did not know what to expect.

Sigma-friendsWe arrived at around 12pm and made a beeline straight towards the back of the center–straight to the Sigma line.  Let me just say that I never thought that I would be waiting on lines the WHOLE day.  That’s what we pretty much did but I enjoyed it and enjoyed seeing the products.

makeup-scifiI loved seeing makeup being applied to different models in ways that I could not do in my lifetime. I can’t even put on my liquid eyeliner straight or make a cat eye.  This..amazed me.

plant-makeupProps to this woman who not only rocked a plant on her head but was able to stay still and model for ours in a pot.

lime-crime boothMy friends kept talking about “Lime Crime” this and “Grime Crime” that.  I have never heard about the brand or the controversy that surrounded the brand.  I don’t want to go into details about this..CEO and her business practices but I sure as hell didn’t buy anything.  We were all surprised to see the CEO even show up with her own cameras and such. Eh.

SugarpillMy favorite booth by far was not that of Tarte or Stila but that of Sugarpill.  The bright colors and very Japanese lolita look intrigued me.  I’ve always been a fan of Harajuku style and they were MUCH more nicer than other people I spoke to at the booths.

lashes-sugarpillLet me just say, as someone who is used to being around New Yorkers all the time, I was especially upset at how rude and nasty other patrons were to one another.  One woman, maybe older than myself, pushed me forward while saying excuse me. She obviously didn’t mean it as she kept walking.  Of course, my blood boiled and I shot her a nasty look as she walked away only to have her MOM stop and look me over. Sigh.

SugarpillSugarpill gave me a dosage of pink and sass that I needed to go through the day. I will be posting what I bought in a separate post but I am in LOVE with what I bought from them.

flower-childBy the end of the day, we were all lugging bags around full of purchases.  Our final purchase of the day? Some adorable flower crowns, because secretly we all wished we had been at Coachella too.

I will definitely be going to IMATS next year and will be better prepared. I am just glad I had decided to wear some comfy sneakers or I would have just died on the floor a few hours later.


Till next year, IMATS!


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