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Apologies for not posting in a few weeks. I am only less than two weeks away from walking at my graduation so life has been hectic. I took a little bit of much needed time off with my co-worker turned girl pal, Bridget. I wanted to treat her to a unique experience that she would remember even after she moved away.

We made our way to Bite Beauty Lab. If you don’t remember or haven’t been around, I went to Bite Beauty Lab last summer for a VIB Rouge event at Sephora. This experience was just as great.

This is how it went down. While at IMATs, I was shocked and surprised that BB, a makeup junkie, has never been to Bite Beauty Lab located on Prince St.

I immediately called and set an appointment. They let me know what days were available and wanted to know how many lipsticks I was planning to do and how many people.


We made our way over the day of our appointment and were immediately helped. A woman also by the name of Bridget helped me while another woman helped her. I was looking for a pink-y nude for summer time so she got to work by mixing pigments.

color-mixingAfter we settled on what color, it was time to pick the finish. I personally love the luminous creme. It’s smooth and creamy and then I got to pick my scent. I chose cherry vanilla. I had brought up to Bridget (the worker) that I had lost my last one and I still had the card with the colors. She gladly made me another one FOR FREE.




Adding the scents to my lipstick



While I was waiting for my lipstick to be made, I was asked two tubes for my lipsticks. I was not asked this last time so I was very excited. I chose the first and last one for their simple and smooth shapes and so I could distinguish them from one another without opening it.



lipstick-tubesmaking lipstick

The whole experience was around half an hour for us. If you are more indecisive or unsure of what color you want, it will probably take longer but we walked in knowing what we wanted and we walked out super happy.



productsOn top of being able to make your own lipstick, you can also buy lipstick, lip pencils, and more here.



BridgetBridget and I had a great girls date in the city and I was glad I can see her off with her own personal lipstick. Be sure to check out her vlog on the experience here. Miss you Bridget!


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